YouTube Put Me in Timeout!

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    Enzo Knol a dutch youtuber like ur vids he is famous too!

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    dude I just tried the one chip challenge on my new video and my friend and I couldn't even last we started freaking out and my boy almost passed it. we couldn't handle it lmaoo...

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    Steve is my dad

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    You shaved my friends head in Santa Cruze

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    Imagine disliking the video. He just needs your view to make $ not your fucking opinion. 😂

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    I will say tho I hope you didn’t end up popping innocent peoples tires with that glass

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    I would love to come to one of your houses preferably Florida and do some yard work I will ride a bicycle from my house in Hagerstown Maryland to your house it would be awesome to come and meet you my name is Branden please let me know if you want me to come do some yard work

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    When duncan said I wanna try it the midget should of said you're too tall

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    another banger, not even 30 seconds in and ive already liked lol

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    Next video should be him going to Oregon sand dunes theres a rental place there

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    See why can David dobrik be nice like this. David uses his friend for content but Danny treats his friends with good and rather do the pain then filming it behind a camera. David a pu5$

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