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    Danny. I'll be your paint ball target for only 200$ a day.

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    it has 6.9k likes. don’t fucking like his comment



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    Great vid!

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    chase terry

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    Danny Duncan u are a legend and legends never die

  • Cindy Baker
    Cindy BakerDag sedan

    dannys the the best you tuber ever hes a legend

  • mistere early
    mistere early2 dagar sedan

    I must be living in a hole because I’ve never heard of this dude a d he’s amassed a ridiculous following

  • Veister
    Veister2 dagar sedan

    they look like they just came out of Macaulay Culkins house

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    My Teacher mrs. Harris is in this video

  • LukeDelRo
    LukeDelRo4 dagar sedan

    The song u played when dressed up in red on the beach was played at my grandpas funeral and it cheered me up bro

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    Aces Reaper22117 dagar sedan

    Your epic brother keep up the awesome work

  • IGY6
    IGY68 dagar sedan

    Great damn human!!

  • Brokenboy76
    Brokenboy768 dagar sedan

    I but like seeing Danny cry makes you say wow even the biggest of men cry

  • Day
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    danny is the goat fr

  • CIA Central. Intelligence. Agency
    CIA Central. Intelligence. Agency9 dagar sedan

    Danny I love how I always use the classical music instead of remakes or somthing

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    Dr. Pepper is superior

  • Kevin Tidmarsh
    Kevin Tidmarsh10 dagar sedan

    I teared up

  • Karam Dhaliwal
    Karam Dhaliwal10 dagar sedan

    imagine she went "wow, a fucking honda fit?"

  • Lucas
    Lucas11 dagar sedan

    You seen someone who means a lot to you in that women.

  • brandy young
    brandy young12 dagar sedan

    “looks like 40” “did just take a shit”

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    dan dunca

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    Damn 🔪🌰

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    Seeing danny cry is real he never crys bro

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    damn bro the granny got me crying over here

  • Roberto Sosa
    Roberto Sosa15 dagar sedan

    When Fanny cries I cry

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  • PiRATE NAMii
    PiRATE NAMii16 dagar sedan

    I’ve been binge watching Danny’s videos and he’s the first SEblacksr to make me laugh too much and cry wayyyy too much. Thee greatest person ever

  • LittleCPL007
    LittleCPL00716 dagar sedan

    Hey Danny I know people say this a lot in many different ways but thank you for being the person everyone else was scared to be

  • Jason Benz
    Jason Benz16 dagar sedan

    Danny Duncan shows he’s got heart this is one of my main reasons I follow him. He’s real.

  • Ismael Salazar
    Ismael Salazar17 dagar sedan

    People who disliked: 🤡

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    “No i’m not a cop”

  • Mike Naughton
    Mike Naughton19 dagar sedan

    Damn man Danny was really crying . This guys fucking great

  • Derek Frayn
    Derek Frayn19 dagar sedan

    How have I never heard of this guy till now? Fuckn love it tho cuz I got a couple days of binge watch now

  • Eric amERICa
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  • Fk
    Fk19 dagar sedan

    bruh i be re watching this shit and like danny is all shits and gigs and laughs but you really realise how much of a great fucking guy he is

  • Samuel Carreno-Vega
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  • 03Commando
    03Commando22 dagar sedan

    This is beautiful

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    Flex Piper22 dagar sedan

    16:00 😭

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    So Kacouros23 dagar sedan

    The crying lady it looked like she had a beer but Danny is good man

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    ChristoHannah80323 dagar sedan

    My guy is holding his tears

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    jarrod davis23 dagar sedan

    This side of Danny is hella bad ass tho. For giving much respect man.

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    Danny Duncan good man bro love all the positive things you do bro keep it up!

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    Adam Jorgensen24 dagar sedan

    Mannnnn when Danny started cryin I started cryin 😭😭😭😭

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    VoLkS_25 dagar sedan

    It hurts when see Danny cry

  • Cl!ff Beats
    Cl!ff Beats25 dagar sedan

    At 7:45. The moment he realizes he was being recorded, after making threats, was hilarious 🤣. Starting acting all nice after 😄

  • boogieslayer 13
    boogieslayer 1326 dagar sedan

    man not gonna lie i cried when danny started crying

  • kitty k
    kitty k27 dagar sedan

    Danny is such a pure hearted person, honestly I just love his videos

  • Ryan with dat SN95
    Ryan with dat SN9528 dagar sedan

    comming back to this video and seeing danny cry is just so bad. it sucks to see the guy in that state cause when we see him he’s always being such a man essentially.

  • Cole Woodhouse
    Cole Woodhouse28 dagar sedan

    Dude he used the old duck dynasty theme song

  • Emerie Brooks
    Emerie Brooks28 dagar sedan

    Holy crap I’ve never seen an episode like this literally had me in tears that last one really got to all of our hearts

  • Crying Hippy
    Crying Hippy28 dagar sedan

    from tits to mangina DD 12/2020 God Bless

  • Crying Hippy
    Crying Hippy28 dagar sedan

    Danny they used to take a pound of hash blended up and add can of coke and nuke it in microwave to cut the hash, what idiots ehh Crazy Kids God Bless and Just Say No

  • Agro
    Agro29 dagar sedan

    damn i wasn’t expecting the end

  • 2527
    252729 dagar sedan

    “We should go out to eat in this bitch” Ong ong

  • TEZ
    TEZMånad sedan

    Under armor sales 📉📉

  • AJSnypes B
    AJSnypes BMånad sedan

    Omg seeing him cry made me emotionally hurt most you tubers do it for clout Danny is just a great persone

  • AJSnypes B
    AJSnypes BMånad sedan

    This made me appreciate people like Danny also in the beginning he said be carful not to make a mess with the coke but the Pepsi and coke stack

  • baids.754
    baids.754Månad sedan

    "Under armor dude want are you 12"

  • Wyatt Schafer
    Wyatt SchaferMånad sedan

    “That’s what you get for being such a good nana” that what’s hit hard.

  • muggy.
    muggy.Månad sedan

    the people who disliked this should think about what mental issues they are up on.

  • Ak1mbo Gun5
    Ak1mbo Gun5Månad sedan

    danny stop touching tips with some hobo

  • Gianni Puzella
    Gianni PuzellaMånad sedan

    You’re the fucking man

  • Tanner Wright
    Tanner WrightMånad sedan

    This right here shows how kind hearted Danny actually is. Brought a tear to my eye

  • Kalub Steinbronn
    Kalub SteinbronnMånad sedan

    why didn't you cut your hair like that

    LILxEGOMånad sedan

    you should have done the whole ticket process and when you give the ticket just hand them the money

  • Joop Lord
    Joop LordMånad sedan

    Way to go Danny such an awesome video!

  • Childishgaveno
    ChildishgavenoMånad sedan

    For a second I thought Danny might be acting when he was crying, but he genuinely couldn’t look her in the eyes when he said “I put this car to the test” cause he was gonna cry even more

  • Meme_Lord 69
    Meme_Lord 69Månad sedan

    Talk about an emotional roller coaster

  • Lorelei Tease
    Lorelei TeaseMånad sedan

    i cried too.

  • crimescene25
    crimescene25Månad sedan

    "high treason" lol

  • Justin Burdette
    Justin BurdetteMånad sedan

    That was awesome! Changed that womans life!

  • Carson Hines
    Carson HinesMånad sedan

    Praise the lord

  • Ottawa's Freelance Photography
    Ottawa's Freelance PhotographyMånad sedan

    gonna bring my channel to hights like yours love it

  • predatorgamerTTV
    predatorgamerTTVMånad sedan

    And people say all cops are bad

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    Avie BoseMånad sedan

    Seeing Danny with kids honestly makes me smile so hard

  • åke blom
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  • Catzstevens
    CatzstevensMånad sedan

    Damn when I saw Danny cry I wanted to cry

  • DANGDRIFTERcarbomb
    DANGDRIFTERcarbombMånad sedan

    ive recently found your videos. been binge watching them for a few days while i work online. seeing you tear up helping "nana" was rad. your a good dude. your a fucking weird dude but a good dude! stay doing what you do! Respect.

  • Ayla’s Channel
    Ayla’s ChannelMånad sedan

    you could definitely tell danny really didn’t want to be seen on camera crying.

  • Samuel Ortiz
    Samuel OrtizMånad sedan

    Yk when you see Danny crying it’s gonna be the best video

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    Lemonz4allMånad sedan

    10:55 song?

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    Nicholas PetersonMånad sedan

    Enough to make a grown man cry

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    ? umMånad sedan

    Danny’s too good for this world man

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    BonesMånad sedan

    danny dunkin is funny

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    Mr NastyMånad sedan

    this sh! made me cry when he did lol

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    Jaxson OgdenMånad sedan

    Next mr. beast

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    Boosted SAMånad sedan

    Damn that car give away got tears in my eyes FUUCCKKKK

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    scott blensonMånad sedan

    pay for my rehab danny duncs! ill come to florida and work for ya after hahah

  • Toxicxs
    ToxicxsMånad sedan

    Danny Duncan your such a good guy I love watching your videos keep doing what your doing thank you for your content.

  • Xxxnijlhondxx X
    Xxxnijlhondxx XMånad sedan

    You’re a good man danny

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    NW_simp YTMånad sedan

    To see danny cry is like seeing your dad cry

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    Trace ZalmanMånad sedan

    Why did people dislike this video

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    Snax2 månader sedan

    Never seen danny cry

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    Courtney Lovendahl2 månader sedan

    Bruh I have watched this shit like ten times and I cry when he gives the old lady the car every time

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    Jaxon Walker2 månader sedan

    Back street boys

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    If someone robs papa Jim they are gonna be so rich

  • Painful_truth16
    Painful_truth162 månader sedan

    He had to look away from the nana face or he would cry he’s such a nice soul

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    Oscar Burger2 månader sedan

    Danny is goated for that

  • TomDooz
    TomDooz2 månader sedan

    Guy:"thats a cop" Other guy: "no im not a cop" Guy:"shut up i know i know"

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    Encryptoh / Radar Line bro2 månader sedan

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    Mark Profeta2 månader sedan

    Cool, didn’t expect to cry

    LEGEND CATALDO2 månader sedan

    Bro imagine someone shot one of the cops and he's like I was just giving you 2500 dollars