We Blew Up My Tesla! (Try this at home)

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    @Levi Graber Vlogs will do

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    This dude has the best humor

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    Try this at home?

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    tried this my momma sent me this weird white building like prison they said i was crazy and stuff

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    Lmao the fact title says (try this at home)😂

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    You may be good at writing reviews but you’re not good at inviting your friend to be your best man

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    You did what all of us couldn’t. Turned your home town into your playground. You won bro fuck you

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    the myth the legend DANNY DUNCAN

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    What gun were you shooting at the Tesla after you blew it up?

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    Try this at home😂😂😂

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    The insurance wants to check the car and see if it’s going well for u 😂

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    Danny if you see this get a speed loader it makes it hella easier and faster

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    When the cops come to Danny’s house it’s like the scene in John wick when the cop comes to his house and is like “ John you working again ?“

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    regular youtubers: drone danny: helicopter

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    It would be pretty cool to join this guy ngl, but Danny can’t handle me I am to much for everyone

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    Danny: Noise complaint? Cop: Noise complaint . . . . . you workin again? Danny: Nah, just sorting some stuff out Cop: Alright, I'll leave you to it

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    I got the worst kind of demons.

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    Instructions unclear im now on fire. Help

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    "just a little bit" mean while his forhead is bleeding out

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    8:48 just show him a pitcure of 69 he gona make a friend

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    the head bop😭😂

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    10:00 I forgot how much I missed “nooooo it’s not thaaaat”

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    He been tooting them Billy kimber cal I packs aint he haha

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    Congrats on 6 millllll

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    I love how Danny does other $#!+ first and then do wit the title say last

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    Danny’s driving reminds me of gta

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    "where at" "Were rat"

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    Did you know that you can go to heaven for free? This one decision can change your eternity forever. Jesus died for both mine and your sins. All you have to to is confess that you’re a sinner and accept Jesus as your savior.

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    i love you videos and i really want you to get 6 mill

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    did they get the rat?

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    Danny your my daddy don’t get me wrong but me struggling rn that tesla would have been a big game changer for me I feel like that was just a waste of a nice ass expensive car I would have gave you head for it 🤷‍♂️

    AAK MOTIVATION2 månader sedan

    Hella rich yet hella skinny lol

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    man i miss them "No its not that" shit lololol

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    I watch cobra Kia too

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    At the start of every Danny Duncan video, you just have to press like because you know its going to be good

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    The threatening station lately smell because locket lally force since a miscreant speedboat. possessive, superb tv

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    I love how in the title Danny said “TRY THIS AT HOME” LOL 😂

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    These videos put a smile on my face

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    Aye it’s normally don’t try this at home Danny be like if u gotta extra Tesla just fuck it up

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    I just bought a Tesla

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    u eat at samurai too?

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    Danny never has a dull moment in life

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    Danny I blowed up my car ( try this at home Me watches video on how to make a 🔥 do not try this at home

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    (Try this at home) like everyone has a tesla and a load of tnt just laying there

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    Gay boy

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    Isn’t Tesla full electric how does it explode with fire?

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    Idk if it's been said in the cokments bc I'm driving but was that old guy bare ass when he bent over in the white Lexus

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    every other youtuber: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME danny: Try this at home lol

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    only in america can u tell a cop we were just shooting guns

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    Everything aright ya were just shooting guns 😂

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    He’s blows up a Tesla and I tryna fix my Honda to take my kid to school lmao shit

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    We need to blow up all eletric cars

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    Yo can you buy me my first truck preferably a ford raptor 🤣🤣 tf

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    4:46 "don't be stupid about it " hits himself in the forehead while shooting😭

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    he blow s up a tesla and his mom is worried abt his face lol

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    There's thousands of teslas There's only 1 Danny Duncan

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    Hire a lady to help you with your business and grow it and she just agrees with all your ideas 😂😂

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    A thrown golf ball can not dent the cab in one of the strongest parts of the cab and end up with a dent twice the size of a golf ball

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    I’m in depression and I’m still giggling my ass off

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    the part that really bothers me about your videos is that if you were black, you'd be killed years ago with all the cops you meet. they constantly let you off because you're a white male like them, and then you make fun of democrats but then only have Black artists in your videos. you profit off of black culture and it just seems so unfair

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