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Taking Horse to a Dog Park!


  • Zebby
    Zebby4 dagar sedan

    That’s why josh got stabbed

  • barfbaghero
    barfbaghero6 dagar sedan

    Dude was roid raging like fuck lmao sheesh

  • Infinite Marcus
    Infinite Marcus13 dagar sedan

    “He identifies as a dog” 😂😂😂

  • Dylan Lief
    Dylan Lief22 dagar sedan

    "i'm getting your urine off my leg before it dries"

  • Karson Walsh
    Karson Walsh25 dagar sedan

    The horse😭😭😭

  • AstrahNOT
    AstrahNOT28 dagar sedan

    He tells the baby “I’ll give you 5k to roll in it” 😭

  • Lars Bee
    Lars BeeMånad sedan

    I like the lance cheating Armstrong shirt

  • D
    DMånad sedan

    CLICKBAIT. That was for sure a puppy not a horse you fucker danny

  • Story Time With Bianca
    Story Time With BiancaMånad sedan

    Your niece is so beautiful!!😄

  • Marc FuOn
    Marc FuOnMånad sedan

    bon vidio daniel danken

  • dirtnastyR3 yamaha
    dirtnastyR3 yamahaMånad sedan

    Why did the title give me the urge to watch this? 😂 Danny knows what the people want !

  • PD Vance
    PD VanceMånad sedan

    I fucking LOVE that he used "Da Repercussions" for his intro. Danny always brings slappers for his vids.

  • Andrew Mora
    Andrew MoraMånad sedan

    I like the throwback to teladega nights during the interview like “what do I do with my hands” lmao

  • kaleb bennett
    kaleb bennettMånad sedan

    at 9:14 the car pulling out nearly runs over the dog

  • Henry Mart
    Henry MartMånad sedan

    Wait is that true

  • Brandon Kuether
    Brandon KuetherMånad sedan

    Did Gary die?

  • IchorX
    IchorXMånad sedan

    Most dogs and horses are safe together and usually get along quite well. I understand the woman's perspective but it's not scientifically backed and she's pretty much a bigot from the perspective of a hypothetical version of that dog or horse that possesses advanced human-like intellect and a concept of abstract terms like "bigotry".

  • Joe Mendoza
    Joe MendozaMånad sedan

    No way that commercial is real 😂

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus ChristMånad sedan

    9:15 dog runs under the car while its backing up, i got so scared lol.

    DEATHDAYISNEAR😋Månad sedan


  • lakers squad
    lakers squad2 månader sedan

    Gary winthorpe

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast2 månader sedan


  • SinForTheSaint
    SinForTheSaint2 månader sedan

    Bro Danny you can't hit golf balls towards live animals like that dude. That could fuck em up. Legit a dog, horse and pigs all in like 10 frames of you driving a shot at them. I love your videos but that was dumb.

  • lilstump55
    lilstump552 månader sedan

    Did you know that you can go to heaven for free? This one decision can change your eternity forever. Jesus died for both mine and your sins. All you have to to is confess that you’re a sinner and accept Jesus as your savior. 👍🏽

  • AAO Tube
    AAO Tube2 månader sedan

    What's the balls video at the end 🤣🤣

  • Indie Jepson

    Indie Jepson

    2 månader sedan


  • Oxy Moron
    Oxy Moron2 månader sedan

    He must fw John c Riley

  • Jared
    Jared2 månader sedan

    Spayed is removing ovaries. pretty sure that fake Doctor just called Danny a bitch.

  • Zachariah Perez
    Zachariah Perez2 månader sedan

    I love you Danny

  • lavie
    lavie2 månader sedan

    Why is his every video Age-Restricted 😑😑

  • 2027 Ryan Childress
    2027 Ryan Childress2 månader sedan

    Freaking pickles smell like Hans

  • LandonFishing34
    LandonFishing343 månader sedan

    Danny if you don’t want to nose dive gas it off the jump.

  • Spcangel101
    Spcangel1013 månader sedan

    He savage

  • Lucas_o
    Lucas_o3 månader sedan

    9:15 the dog is suicidal

  • Preston Wallace
    Preston Wallace3 månader sedan

    you and whistlindiesel need to meet up and make some videos 🤣🤣

  • Q-dizzle
    Q-dizzle3 månader sedan

    8:21 made me laugh so hard

  • michael knowles
    michael knowles3 månader sedan

    danny is crazy and some shit he does im kind of annoyed by but i can let it slide. all this pissing on eachother is just nasty though, if my boy was pissin on me i wouldnt be down. shits gross not even funny

  • Augie Aronson
    Augie Aronson3 månader sedan

    Didn’t know he went to lemon bay. My school played them in football last year

  • Kyle Levely
    Kyle Levely3 månader sedan

    9:16 holy shit that dog almost died

  • prod days ☼
    prod days ☼3 månader sedan

    Anyone see that dumbass dog that run underneath the car when it was backing out 😂

  • Conor McGregor
    Conor McGregor3 månader sedan

    The Fact that Danny frickin peed on him was hilarious

  • Texas Trill
    Texas Trill3 månader sedan

    That horse just got roughed up real good in that trailer 💀

  • Alexander Rodrigues
    Alexander Rodrigues3 månader sedan

    You're hella ignorant for bringing your horse in the dog park. Could've killed the dog

  • P VAN
    P VAN3 månader sedan

    Peta sees this you are fucked

  • Flex Piper
    Flex Piper3 månader sedan

    Danny Duncan is a real life GTA character that has all the cheat codes unlocked. 🔓

  • jessiekil
    jessiekil3 månader sedan

    poor horse in the back ...

  • store got shutdown
    store got shutdown3 månader sedan

    Hey I have a question

  • store got shutdown
    store got shutdown3 månader sedan

    Hey I have a question

  • 1 1
    1 13 månader sedan

    The owner of the black and white dog should not own a dog since he/she cant control it

  • Babz Zia
    Babz Zia3 månader sedan

    love ur content but i really hope that horse wasnt standing in there while u were driving it like that man

  • Curtis Kosolowsky
    Curtis Kosolowsky3 månader sedan

    You know it’s going to be a good video when Danny’s hair is wet

  • Landyce Faine
    Landyce Faine3 månader sedan

    You nose dive because you let off the gas

  • BenIsJamIn
    BenIsJamIn3 månader sedan

    11:18 HAHAhahahhaahhaa

  • Axton Grubb
    Axton Grubb3 månader sedan

    Imagine if the horse was in the trailer the entire time

  • Edwardo Trujillo
    Edwardo Trujillo4 månader sedan

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  • jake sakin
    jake sakin4 månader sedan

    The available crown mechanistically peel because passbook expectantly fence amidst a boorish society. elated, hilarious ellipse

  • Dyox the Gray Fox-_-
    Dyox the Gray Fox-_-4 månader sedan

    Ok he has some good content but the way they drove the horse in the horse trailer was just fucking wrong

  • Christian Spilski
    Christian Spilski4 månader sedan

    Prayers for the horse

  • Mitchy Trix
    Mitchy Trix4 månader sedan

    Annoying ass karen at a dogpark

  • Johnny P
    Johnny P4 månader sedan

    I'm surprised your horse didn't die in the back of that trailer

  • The New Seorarek
    The New Seorarek4 månader sedan

    That was the weirdest fucking advertisement ive ever seen

  • Doobr S
    Doobr S4 månader sedan

    Is the horse in the trailer when its flyin around 😂

  • Candymaster
    Candymaster4 månader sedan

    Golden haha

  • TimothyTyp
    TimothyTyp4 månader sedan

    the horse be trippin in there

  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex Ortiz4 månader sedan

    The knotty swim psychophysically squeeze because waterfall antenatally develop below a probable pound. workable, innocent beam

  • gusher
    gusher4 månader sedan

    Bro the doctor is like wow those are big ummmm should I hold on longer?

  • Jyu Viole Grace
    Jyu Viole Grace4 månader sedan

    danny i got a ad in your video and I have no idea why

  • Old Greg
    Old Greg4 månader sedan


  • Liam Simmons
    Liam Simmons4 månader sedan

    Your horse has ptsd from you it well never go trailer

  • Jacooob
    Jacooob4 månader sedan

    7:09 basically forza 4

  • rine303
    rine3034 månader sedan

    This guy is a legend

  • Brian Hernandez
    Brian Hernandez4 månader sedan

    I like how they’re all concerned about how it’s not safe for their dog yet the owner chokes him @ 11:17 to get the lease on

  • MidgetshootingGunsAk
    MidgetshootingGunsAk4 månader sedan

    That looks very dangerous messing with the juice monkey he could explode at anytime. He has prob 250k in those things when that thing goes off there is a BANG. Got to give you props filming the visit to the doc for a STD is a classic👍👍

  • Brittany Baby
    Brittany Baby4 månader sedan

    9:14 Dylan almost got ran off

  • jayy
    jayy4 månader sedan

    was the horse actually in there the whole time

  • Jeffrey Woodson
    Jeffrey Woodson4 månader sedan

    Imagine the horse was in The trailer

  • Hello
    Hello4 månader sedan

    Poor horse

  • Hello


    4 månader sedan


  • hey its morgan
    hey its morgan4 månader sedan

    its crazy he does all this sober 😂

  • It'sEv
    It'sEv4 månader sedan

    Anyone gonna talk about the animal that went under the car at 9:18?

  • 4 månader sedan

    when the horse steped on dannys foot i DIED

  • Jack
    Jack4 månader sedan

    God loves you confess your sins and repent love God and your neighbor Amen.

  • Jonathan Decker
    Jonathan Decker5 månader sedan

    1 out of 10 people disliked this video. Let's buy them some merch.

  • Vertex
    Vertex5 månader sedan

    *cant control their dog* “Your horse is the problem!”

  • ForeSkin Gamer
    ForeSkin Gamer5 månader sedan

    i wanna do this shi so bad

  • god blesscanada
    god blesscanada5 månader sedan

    i love the part at about 9:17 where the dog runs under the car and they don't even notice it

  • To1xc Sn1p3r
    To1xc Sn1p3r5 månader sedan

    11:47 lmao

  • Mastermind
    Mastermind5 månader sedan

    i really hope you weren’t driving like that with the horse in the car

  • ʟɪɴᴋ
    ʟɪɴᴋ5 månader sedan

    Imagine the horse was in their the hole time

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff5 månader sedan

    “The horse can kick so they shouldn’t be in the dog park” Well, a dog can bite, all of them shouldn’t be in the dog park.

  • tenzin heshay
    tenzin heshay5 månader sedan

    How he drive car like that when a horse is in back

  • Johnny Bourne
    Johnny Bourne5 månader sedan

    Fuck school I just watch Danny Duncan instead of doing work

  • Steven Shotwell
    Steven Shotwell5 månader sedan

    Fricken pickles smell like hands 😂😂😂😂

  • Remy Craig
    Remy Craig5 månader sedan

    My name is remy to

  • Nate Broglin
    Nate Broglin5 månader sedan

    Danny is prob one of the nicest you tubers

  • l e w i s
    l e w i s5 månader sedan

    I genuinely thought the horse was in the back of the trailer the whole time they were driving crazy and going over ramps Edit: okay never mind 😳

  • Tim Green
    Tim Green5 månader sedan

    He pissed on someone, friend or not, this dude is trash.

  • Andrew Humphreys II 777
    Andrew Humphreys II 7775 månader sedan

    Noandy nogreg nohersy noalex

  • Andrew Humphreys II 777
    Andrew Humphreys II 7775 månader sedan


  • daca vreau te sparg
    daca vreau te sparg5 månader sedan

    That doctor why he dont have gloves ? Hahahahahahahaha

  • 75k Craxedz
    75k Craxedz5 månader sedan

    The real Cochie man

  • Seth Robbins
    Seth Robbins5 månader sedan

    I wonder how many tickets he has 😂