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Taking a Bath in Florida!


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  • Aliyah Quiroz

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    I love you plz send me food

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    You look like blakesdailybread in the dad clothes

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  • Humberto Aguilar
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    Danny you look like shaggy in those clothes😂😂😂I love it💀

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    He’s a quick boy he’s a young boy

  • Tim DeMille
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    Is this who you wanted a picture with ?

  • Daniel San
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    Bro you can't be landing on a dude like that... at least do it to your homie thats bigger than you so he has a good shot at kicking the shit out of you after... thought you said respect was important... shit man that was not cool

  • Daniel San

    Daniel San

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    know the vid was 8 months ago.. but i just saw it... damn that boys helpless laying prone with neck up like that.... coulda killed him. I hope one of your staff told you the fuck off for that. You know that was not right.

  • George Hutton
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    That's the luckiest gator in the world. In the shower with Danny duncann. Uhhh so gay uhh

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    TRUMP 2024

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    Being from Amarillo I approve of this

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    Yo Danny love the gun collection if you need the hook up on ammo I work at a gun shop in north FL

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    10:56 he looks like shaggy

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    Best youtuber 2021

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    5:52 Bruh😂

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    6:21 3 different vettes in one frame

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    danny you gotta make sure all the homeless people in englewood have your merch that’s great advertising and clothing for them 😂

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    I didnt know danny was based

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    Danny, we're both from our Daddies balls, both in the same year; I swear we had the same Itunes playlist its freaking me out.

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    4:05 scared me...

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    That's got to be the first time I've seen Danny wearing pants

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    Did you know that you can go to heaven for free? This one decision can change your eternity forever. Jesus died for both mine and your sins. All you have to to is confess that you’re a sinner and accept Jesus as your savior.

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    What's the name of the song in the beginning


    Wtf i had to confirm twice just to watch the video? F____UCK YOU TUBE!! cuz of those pussie$ im on my 4th account, this one a keeper tho 😤

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    U match as a cowboy 🤠 😂 Danny I wanna do some stunts with yah guys lmao 😂

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    Once you brought up money, both the girls all the sudden wanted thrown in the pool😂😂😂

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    The definition of America is just this video

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    “Mom..... bend over” uhhh what

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    Man the country music makes me happy

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    Danny I got to I love your stuff I watched allot of your video keep up the good stuff 👏

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    Danny the GOAT 69 💯

  • Lil A
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    Danny the GOAT 69

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    This is like Grown Ups but on yt

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    yo is that tanner 3:32

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    Awoman. I felt that.

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    Danny looks good dressed like that.

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    Hey it is fishing with Garrett

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    When he swapped clothes he looked like shaggy 😂😂

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    Pretty sure you won’t see this. But if you do I would like a small grant of $50,000. This would help save my house here in Hawaii. Really anything would help.

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    Brooo that dad at the end😂😂😂

  • king of the under WRLD
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    Didn't have to get political🙄

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    you picked the sweetest one. Mom's be like

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    Can we take a moment to realize that he has a P90 in his room lmao

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    Hey I have a question

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    what’s the name of the song at the beginning

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    Is it just me or did i hear a" nle the top shotta" in the sky zone type part

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    Danny Irwin

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    Did that gator have tape around its mouth

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    I love the guns on the wall 😂

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    Danny was looking like shaggy when he got out the pool

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    0:36 that made me laugh 😂

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    Lmaoooo this who you wanted the picture with???

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    Danny low key red pilling everybody

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    Pig 🐽won’t scream if you support it’s feet with you hand no cap no kizzy

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    Didn't he give the Tesla away?

  • 360 Life
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    2:00 ,what's the song called?

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  • Joey Stroschein
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    Id fire david for being a democrat.

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    Danny should go mudding in the forklift

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    God bless stay safe ✝️✝️✝️

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    Ay i love this guy

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    What song 6:08

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    he likes biden??

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    Bro the way he thru her in the pool

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    “you can’t throw her in the pool” *proceeds to open door for danny*

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    She said can

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    4:01 bro got folded

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    Lmao he threw the kid in the pool

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    “It’ll come quick”

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    Why you looking like shagy from scooby doo

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    2:06 this gave me anxiety 😂😣

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    peep the drip do

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    Can you gift me vbucks

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    That was fishing Garrett with the alligator

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    10:03 lol

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    What happened to the baby

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    i honestly didnt think he was gonna throw her in the pool hahahah god damn

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    I LOVE when Danny laughs and shrugs his shoulders. He’s so cuuuuute ❤️

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    2:22 Alligator: 😳 mmmmmmmm mmhmhmhmmmmmmhmhmmm rawr

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    10:55 shaggy is that you?

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    Randy Travis

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    Anyone know the sound he used in 3:05 ?

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    He’s a quick boy,he’s a young boy

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    Man died from Danny flip

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    that’s some nice guns man 2:25

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    i look up to danny

  • Liam Mustafa
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    Emily be like: you cant just throw a kid in the pool like that! You saw her crying and you laughed! So disrespectful!

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    10:53 he looks like shaggy

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    Yo Danny I got a question

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    pro child thrower

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    Can you buy a monster truck

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    Wat the name of this song

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    No one gone talk abt how he look like shaggy @10:55 lmao

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