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Surprising Homeless with a PS5!


  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan9 månader sedan

    any purchase at during the month of December enters you in to win a Tesla with horns

  • Jovany calderon

    Jovany calderon

    6 månader sedan

    Make a video fuckr

  • Jovany calderon

    Jovany calderon

    6 månader sedan

    Make a Video

  • Jeffrey Clark

    Jeffrey Clark

    8 månader sedan

    How do you get your cokes to explode so easy



    8 månader sedan


  • TheMoonIsMe
    TheMoonIsMeMånad sedan

    Hold on what did santa say

  • Erica Play’s
    Erica Play’sMånad sedan

    I love how he is with kids Danny is like the ultimate man fucken dilf goals asf

  • Erica Play’s
    Erica Play’sMånad sedan

    I’ve never felt so at ease in some videos ever with the music it’s like my childhood

  • Erica Play’s
    Erica Play’sMånad sedan

    Fucken legend as always 👏🏻 😎

  • Daniel
    DanielMånad sedan

    at 6:34 look at pat in the back

  • TrioShot
    TrioShotMånad sedan

    Kid: Doesn’t say sorry. Danny:ALRIGHT YOU’RE GOING UPSIDE DOWN

  • Kermit Universe
    Kermit UniverseMånad sedan

    6:32 what the guy in the mirror doing

  • 2 månader sedan

    Yooo it’s you mums favourite bad boy

  • D F
    D F2 månader sedan

    I think my poison ivy got marshmallow on it

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast2 månader sedan


  • Bike Life
    Bike Life2 månader sedan

    Danny loves asexual Latino boys with no brains.

  • Rick Kane
    Rick Kane2 månader sedan

    Yeah… like they need a Ps5. What a douchebag

  • Lluvia Garza
    Lluvia Garza2 månader sedan

    Okay Fr tho I’m really gay 💦

  • ARAY
    ARAY2 månader sedan

    Me realizing I live in charlotte county

  • Brandy C
    Brandy C3 månader sedan

    That's my brother you played PS5 with!!

  • Tysen Marshall
    Tysen Marshall3 månader sedan

    yo when he said god danm tysen i was like that’s my name

    JEMFH3 månader sedan

    when is the tomato party?!

  • Josan
    Josan3 månader sedan

    I thought that little kid that was being a brat was Aaron

  • NascarFan
    NascarFan4 månader sedan

    3:55 we found dr Phil’s son

  • Galaxy Suki
    Galaxy Suki4 månader sedan

    6:38 so are we not going to talk abt the guy in the back?

  • Simeon k
    Simeon k4 månader sedan

    Yeah poison ivy sucks

  • Player8862 Wastelandman
    Player8862 Wastelandman4 månader sedan

    This is the best episode ever in my opinion (:🐸

  • stsinner05
    stsinner054 månader sedan

    I like how Danny treats everyone the same. Young, old, rich, poor. This man, is a man of principle. Not a lot of principles, but a man of principle none the less.

  • Sc00ter_77
    Sc00ter_774 månader sedan

    I love the part we’re Danny’s riding his dirt bike to reborn by kid cudi it was a vibe foreal

  • TheBoss Man
    TheBoss Man4 månader sedan

    Wtf was pat doing in the bathroom

  • Denise Stanley
    Denise Stanley4 månader sedan

    Good old Englewood methheads

  • Quinn Worden
    Quinn Worden4 månader sedan

    Danny’s pants are down school boy pats in the back with his arms in his shirt dancing and nicks just standing there like wtf

    CG SQUAD ENTERTAINMENT4 månader sedan

    I believed that nobody does it like u ain’t nobody going in the woods playing ps5

  • Sam Bossn
    Sam Bossn5 månader sedan

    damn that employee 100% got fired ... you definitely threw him under the bus

  • Genesis Velasquez
    Genesis Velasquez5 månader sedan

    PIZZA!!!! PIZZA!!!! PIZZA!!!! IM DEAD 💀💀💀😂😂😂😂

  • michaelsolis72
    michaelsolis725 månader sedan

    You won’t EVER see another SEblacksr doing this

  • spillzz 123
    spillzz 1235 månader sedan

    God bless stay safe ✝️✝️✝️✝️

  • Sean Rambo
    Sean Rambo5 månader sedan

    Straight up disciplined someone's kid, Danny is a Legend

  • Franchise Player
    Franchise Player5 månader sedan

    They wasn’t even playin in 2k camera

  • Live Pd
    Live Pd5 månader sedan

    8:05 insane blurr

    MOIST IVERSON5 månader sedan

    This man played 2k on broadcast

  • Big Gawz
    Big Gawz5 månader sedan

    the fricking end dude😂😂😂

  • Prack
    Prack5 månader sedan

    this is the weirdest video danny’s put out

  • PrODiGY Gaming
    PrODiGY Gaming5 månader sedan

    Bro is one of the funniest you tubers on here😂😂

  • PrODiGY Gaming
    PrODiGY Gaming5 månader sedan

    😂just subscribed man I love danny his funny asf

  • Jacob Drewyor
    Jacob Drewyor5 månader sedan

    next buying homeless people house and that would be cool

  • murad douqa
    murad douqa5 månader sedan

    Guys what is the name of the song min 10:45??

  • 5 månader sedan

    Pat in the background at 6:32

  • Beast
    Beast5 månader sedan


  • ari barclay
    ari barclay5 månader sedan

    "Imma choke this kid out" - Danny Duncan 2020

  • Rxftz
    Rxftz5 månader sedan


  • peepee poopoo
    peepee poopoo5 månader sedan

    "He'S GoNnA pReTtY sOoN... hEh HeH hEh...." -Santa

  • Isaiah Bennett
    Isaiah Bennett5 månader sedan

    this is dope

  • 6RiNGS
    6RiNGS5 månader sedan

    4:37 his fact check was wrong, $500 dollar bill was the amount not 1k.

  • Shella Ada
    Shella Ada5 månader sedan

    vAaron Rodgers

  • Dimaondminer 740
    Dimaondminer 7406 månader sedan

    5:14 I cracked up when he was on the ground Danny said nah he’s got it and then jumped on top of him I think he gots it

  • Candiey
    Candiey6 månader sedan

    What’s the guy in the back doing at 6:32

  • Hollow Prince
    Hollow Prince6 månader sedan

    He said “like kevins girlfriend and my safe”💀💀💀💀🤣🤣😂😂

  • hunter110
    hunter1106 månader sedan

    What happened to your son?

  • Chevy Pate
    Chevy Pate6 månader sedan

    2:19 had me dead I told u 7 times. And Danny I lived in the hotel James dose I live in the room next to him

  • 6 månader sedan

    6.34 the little kids in my school

  • Yani The goat
    Yani The goat6 månader sedan

    I would dog on Danny in 2k21 park 😂 I did not even know he played 21 lol😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 Danny make a gaming channel and play 2k21 park my psn user is yani the goat if u see this Danny 😂😂😂😭🤣

  • Dawson Loach
    Dawson Loach6 månader sedan

    who is that kid with his hands in his shirt dancing in the mirror at 6:34 lol

  • mathew hunter
    mathew hunter6 månader sedan

    Danny’s ads are top tier

  • Kristin Larson
    Kristin Larson6 månader sedan


  • nxght mare
    nxght mare6 månader sedan

    8:31 danny forgot to blur out the helis numbers

  • cVibez
    cVibez6 månader sedan

    No offense but I don’t think the homeless people want ps5’s lmao

  • YT Riggz
    YT Riggz6 månader sedan

    I sure hope you wrote to 2K about not giving her that bucket.

  • Dream XCVIII
    Dream XCVIII6 månader sedan

    I feel like that ps5 kid is a legend in the making

  • Akela Animation

    Akela Animation

    29 dagar sedan

    He is my neighbor and i can agree with you

  • Chase Brannen
    Chase Brannen6 månader sedan

    Me when I can finally get a PS5: 10:31

  • Yoo chill its me jojo G
    Yoo chill its me jojo G6 månader sedan


  • Goon
    Goon6 månader sedan

    bro was just wondering about his shirt and danny felt the need to roast the shit out of his orange juice

  • Brian Docherty
    Brian Docherty6 månader sedan

    Those homeless gonna be killed for that when he leaves

  • Greg Augustyn
    Greg Augustyn6 månader sedan

    You gotta change the camera on 2k to 2k

  • Cooper Bennett
    Cooper Bennett6 månader sedan

    I love the kid at the end hahaha

  • dayton baker
    dayton baker6 månader sedan

    My brother looks like Danny

  • Lobster Butter
    Lobster Butter6 månader sedan

    They gonna sell that shit for 200 bucks

  • Memes R us
    Memes R us6 månader sedan

    8:05 where’s the blur Danny? 🤣

  • Cynic Cinema
    Cynic Cinema6 månader sedan

    Homeless people with a PS5?! That's some funny shit.

  • 6 månader sedan


  • 6 månader sedan

    Hey Danny slide me a ps5

  • Lauren Langley
    Lauren Langley7 månader sedan

    1v1 me danny

  • Evan Kennedy
    Evan Kennedy7 månader sedan

    I am convinced that Danny is a cult leader and his cultists are teenage boys with oldman hair cuts

  • C Lo
    C Lo7 månader sedan


  • M4dd0xSweat Shorts
    M4dd0xSweat Shorts7 månader sedan

    How the hell are u verified LOL

  • Deus Umbra

    Deus Umbra

    6 månader sedan

    Verified? Danny has been huge for a long ass time bruh. Where have you been

  • BMS_xBrian
    BMS_xBrian7 månader sedan

    These are scripted

  • Suuedi
    Suuedi7 månader sedan

    Aaaand she got robbed the very next day 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Mykillss
    Mykillss7 månader sedan

    what song was that a 11:02

  • Stephen McN
    Stephen McN7 månader sedan

    I’ve seen some stupid vids but this is the most stupid they don’t have wifi

  • Daniel Wiebers
    Daniel Wiebers7 månader sedan

    Danny Duncan hangs out with alcoholics

  • Power Kon
    Power Kon7 månader sedan

    When Danny Duncan was in the helicopter: Let’s throw random stuff Me: Vietnam be like

  • The King of RF
    The King of RF7 månader sedan

    bro i gotta give this dude credit. He is fucking interesting like more interesting than just your average rich teen.

  • shawn johnson
    shawn johnson7 månader sedan

    loved this dude, do another littt as fuck!

  • Mikołaj Kraus
    Mikołaj Kraus7 månader sedan

    Danny, come to Europe before I make your European version.

  • Andrew Yazbek
    Andrew Yazbek7 månader sedan

    Danny Duncan got that alligator joke from some funny football movie with Adam Sandler in it

  • Alex Hoadley
    Alex Hoadley7 månader sedan

    “Florida man arrested for hanging random child up side down because he wouldn’t say sorry”

  • Jackson Brown-Blake
    Jackson Brown-Blake7 månader sedan

    Imagine if Danny had a kid 😂

  • Brandon Hayes
    Brandon Hayes7 månader sedan

    Who uses that camera angle on 2k you use the 2k camera that’s it

  • ollie smith
    ollie smith7 månader sedan

    2 dollar bill and no shirt actually

  • cwemis 11
    cwemis 117 månader sedan

    i will play you in nba2k21 danny

  • Robyn Pickett
    Robyn Pickett7 månader sedan


  • Paul Thusberg
    Paul Thusberg7 månader sedan

    At 6:34 what is the kid doing man 😂

  • Acid God
    Acid God7 månader sedan

    8:30 Sick trickshot

  • Ian Farrow
    Ian Farrow7 månader sedan

    You should try marine or army training bootcamo