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Soap ice cream prank!


  • Danny Duncan
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  • Aaron Gibson

    Aaron Gibson

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    Sup daddy

  • ____ ヅヅI work at day care ヅヅ

    ____ ヅヅI work at day care ヅヅ

    3 dagar sedan


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    the legend

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  • Deborah Weller
    Deborah Weller2 dagar sedan

    that was kinda fucked up making him eat that mouse ..

  • Ilvksjrll
    Ilvksjrll4 dagar sedan

    it all makes sense now. danny resembles shaun white, that’s why he’s pro at everything!

  • Ilvksjrll
    Ilvksjrll4 dagar sedan

    lol funny shit bro I got uncrustables and haagen daaz in my freezer

  • kristy blackwell
    kristy blackwell4 dagar sedan

    Kewon sounded like a white boy when he said god damn😂

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  • Taxic
    Taxic6 dagar sedan

    Fucking funny he stopped off in Lone Pine. that's my dad's home town. Crazy to see they have a skate park there, and more than 5 buildings on main street lol.

  • ASAP clips
    ASAP clips6 dagar sedan

    bro Aaron is packing

  • 2k.londyn
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    Bro keywon is blazzen rn

  • SOMEWHAT POSITIVE Original Songs - Leon House
    SOMEWHAT POSITIVE Original Songs - Leon House12 dagar sedan

    Weird how this video is age restricted (guessing because of the mouse bit), but none of the copyrighted songs got flagged, maybe the key to not getting claims is to age restrict your videos? Lol

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  • jdh23h
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    I put soap in my brothers toothbrush and they sent him home from 3rd grade.

  • BiggusDikus
    BiggusDikus16 dagar sedan

    Bro kewan probably just needs to start flossing daily

  • Anthony F
    Anthony F17 dagar sedan

    BACON IS GOOD FOR ME. that wife swap Queen quote was so damn funny

  • Morgan Johnson
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    Aww Bostons

  • LoneStar Yota
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    I swear every damn video has me rolling

  • the originalist
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    Kiwan needs to see a dentist

  • Criggy
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    Lady my dog died lmao

  • Jonathan Mendoza
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    300 to ead I 🐁 ok wtf

  • RoachStuntz
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    Hes gna get like rotovirus or like w.e they had n the plague lol 😆

  • Daeson Hasenauer
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    Me just realizing that I went to that same golf course around that time

  • Hoang Nguyen
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    „Lady my dog died“

  • Diego Zuniga
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    Anybody know what the name of that go cart place was called I'm going to Orlando soon and wanna check that place out

    ANDYFACE 562 månader sedan

    Fucken baby

  • respirel
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    2:27 girl with white hair, @

  • Cyke
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    “my daddy can’t ride the ski lift” Danny Duncan 2021

  • Blxzeee_
    Blxzeee_3 månader sedan

    How he met Rosco

  • AwfulAlex
    AwfulAlex3 månader sedan

    When you’re telling the girls to crash into people you sound exactly like Ross 😂

  • xSkies
    xSkies3 månader sedan

    *Danny Duncan Nigga*

  • Simon Aqaba
    Simon Aqaba3 månader sedan

    How is the ending funny I just threw up watching it

  • James
    James3 månader sedan

    aaron has changed my mind completely, danny definitely changed him. i thought he was always whining & hella annoying but hes kinda dope & is cracked at skating

    AMERICAN MADE3 månader sedan

    For another hundred bucks eat it again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sag Fipple
    Sag Fipple3 månader sedan

    How tf he gets a vid of the bottom of a plane

  • Twitch Exify
    Twitch Exify3 månader sedan

    10:01 is the funniest thing ever

  • SolarEc1ipse_
    SolarEc1ipse_3 månader sedan

    15:00 bro that shit hurt cuz i have a pet mouse

  • 3 månader sedan

    When he ate the ice cream I died 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Moises Anguiani
    Moises Anguiani3 månader sedan

    Danny’s laugh makes the vids way better

  • V C
    V C3 månader sedan

    You’re down bad if you’re eating dead rats 😂😂😂

  • Tony Salvatelli
    Tony Salvatelli3 månader sedan

    John 3:16-21

  • human
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  • BallerBoy
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    I went to congi river

  • BagBeKillinK
    BagBeKillinK3 månader sedan

    did u no u post this on my bd

  • Taven Ziegler
    Taven Ziegler3 månader sedan

    5:15 who is that baby in the background?

  • Corben Hobbs
    Corben Hobbs3 månader sedan

    I have never laughed harder in my fkn life!! The ice cream scene 😂😂

  • Crashed UFO
    Crashed UFO3 månader sedan

    Hell nah 300$💀💀💀💀

  • Bryan Quintanilla
    Bryan Quintanilla3 månader sedan

    I’ve been to that mini golf course it was sick

  • Dana North
    Dana North3 månader sedan

    i come back to this video jsut to see the soap part and i’m sitting here and cry laughing like my stomach is in pain from laughing

  • Switcha Roo
    Switcha Roo3 månader sedan

    "Do YOu know how HARD this mothafuca is" lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Johnie Boi
    Johnie Boi3 månader sedan

    Come to chicago!!!!!

  • Ricky McSlicky
    Ricky McSlicky3 månader sedan

    Rosco before he was a player

  • I_EnVy_Blu
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    6:26 has me dead

  • sircartier
    sircartier4 månader sedan

    i get grounded for 4 months and kevin’s back???

  • Humify
    Humify4 månader sedan

    Aaron’s not a baby anymore, he’s a toddler

  • jwh05
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    So I was showing my dad the part we’re they give him the soap ice cream and the Danny popped up with his fets luck hoodie and my dad fell for it and got so mad😂😂

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  • Biamonte Vlogs
    Biamonte Vlogs4 månader sedan

    I went to that golf place before

    MEMES98YT4 månader sedan

    The baby is now a kid

  • Dev69
    Dev694 månader sedan

    Funniest videos ever

  • Jacob Mills
    Jacob Mills4 månader sedan

    I’m rly glad the puke went out of focus at the end😂

  • Connor Seymour
    Connor Seymour4 månader sedan

    Yoo the end, ion know how he just did that

    XOTICFLUIDX4 månader sedan

    Best video on the channel i swear I can’t breathe😂

  • ? um
    ? um4 månader sedan

    I love the way they first saw Roscoe

  • ? um
    ? um4 månader sedan

    Ah yes, a masterpiece

  • Samuel Torres
    Samuel Torres4 månader sedan

    Bro the little girls probably fell out of the swing

  • Austin Zamorano
    Austin Zamorano4 månader sedan

    Instant respect for playing Michael Jackson

  • 4 månader sedan

    Bro this dude gets 0 monitization😂😂😂

  • [ BigBoyBilly98 ]
    [ BigBoyBilly98 ]4 månader sedan

    11:03 The moment he was “excited” to be there

  • J A Y
    J A Y4 månader sedan

    9:47 is where I watched a menace he born🤣

  • camden bell
    camden bell4 månader sedan

    Who else scrolls through the comments during a video and sees comments about some random stuff and just gets confused how they fit it into one video

  • Connor Fitzmaurice
    Connor Fitzmaurice4 månader sedan

    Never thought I would see a man eat and throw up a mouse

  • andrew gangemi
    andrew gangemi4 månader sedan

    Hands down the funniest I've laughed

  • Dawn Frank
    Dawn Frank4 månader sedan

    I don’t know if it was it’s me but I have been to that exact golf place with my grandma and grandpa

  • Alan Serratos
    Alan Serratos4 månader sedan

    Where is the video when you met roscoe?

  • OPFG Scopes
    OPFG Scopes4 månader sedan

    Jake might be a little questionable but dudes taking care of his priorities first💪💰

  • What the Hope?
    What the Hope?4 månader sedan

    I seriously can feel a mouse in my throat after wayltching that!!

  • Edgar Castañeda
    Edgar Castañeda4 månader sedan

    3 months later still calls Arron a baby 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Saif Alali
    Saif Alali4 månader sedan

    Whats the name of the intro song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Salettow
    Salettow4 månader sedan

    Good old Hot shot soundtrack in tha back with the minigolf xD

  • Chicago Vlogs
    Chicago Vlogs4 månader sedan

    First time here he funny asl 😭😭😭

  • William Yette
    William Yette4 månader sedan

    He pays his friends because they're spending all their time with him, which means they aren't working etc.... He's smart and is a Good man

  • Anders hanselmann
    Anders hanselmann5 månader sedan

    6:04 - 6:08 That laugh thought LMAO

  • Nathan Barnes
    Nathan Barnes5 månader sedan

    Where is the mountain

  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C5 månader sedan

    Its crazy how half your homies wont just get in the van. If you offered me anything to get in the van Id be there

  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C5 månader sedan

    Danny bless a blind guy by hanging out with me

  • arcticps
    arcticps5 månader sedan

    The soap starts at 4:41 your welcome

  • marcus Ambs
    marcus Ambs5 månader sedan

    Danny that is in daytoon I been there i love your vid

  • Colleen Carey
    Colleen Carey5 månader sedan


  • 5 månader sedan

    GAAAAAAAAWWWWWWD DAAAAAAAMMMN, shit had me in an early grave.

  • Jigga Man
    Jigga Man5 månader sedan

    I fucking LOVE YOU

  • Ricardo Chavez
    Ricardo Chavez5 månader sedan


  • 760BassFishing
    760BassFishing5 månader sedan

    @Danny Duncan never seen you laugh that hard. Awesome

  • Pure_fuzion 69
    Pure_fuzion 695 månader sedan

    this is funniest shit i’ve seen in a while

  • Ian Seiler
    Ian Seiler5 månader sedan

    I almost puked watching him take a bite of that mouse.

  • Ian Seiler
    Ian Seiler5 månader sedan

    Aaron's is definitely good at skating.

  • Gino Marquez
    Gino Marquez5 månader sedan

    And Aaron has a gf?

  • shadow_gamerz98
    shadow_gamerz985 månader sedan

    I get jakes your friend but why does he need money to hang out with you?

  • Axel Vega Orozco
    Axel Vega Orozco5 månader sedan

    I see a silhouette and it's in the sky something very spooky for my eye the grass is to big for me to bat a eye at the sun that is shining in the sky

  • HouseDogGaming
    HouseDogGaming5 månader sedan

    Arron is such a baby

  • tyler Schmitt
    tyler Schmitt5 månader sedan

    Dude swallows a mouse for $300 lol man you can’t make this shit up

  • Florida Emergency Pics
    Florida Emergency Pics5 månader sedan

    “Tampa is a jungle” I can confirm that 😐