Shark Diving in Hawaii!

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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    shop to change your life now.



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    I’m only 8

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    2:30 Am

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    Please date Dannies mom in your 1 video for the vlog

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    danny i’m disappointed in your merch i bought a shirt and it took like 3 weeks and washed it once and the words started coming off 😢

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    i wanna be apart of this so bad

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    keewhan little fingers

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    I have been to that breakfast place

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    Danny’s Cream Pies should come to Oahu

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    “Why is it cause I’m black?” Got me🤣🤣

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    God loves u

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    not my friends family at the end freaking out

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    his eyebrows looked like G ooGL E when he was in the cage lol

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    anyone know what beach is this?

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    I am on my 3 day pass after basic training and my first instinct was to catch up on Danny Duncan

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    Dødsing jo

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    Bitch please 2 lol

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    Thumbnail is wack

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    I have a shark I have a shark

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    2:46 that kid been waiting his entire life for that moment right there

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    What’s crazy is I’ve been everywhere you were in this video

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    Bro the song at 4:05 brings back so many memories for me because I used to live in Hawaii and I used to hear that song all the time

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    Roscoe 😂😂 r u serious is it cause im black

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    I was in the exact spot a week ago 💀😭

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    Come to bali 😁

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    danny duncan is #1 youtuber by far than any other, he is a defiantly a different breed of crazy and comedy!

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    I am in Hawaii right now come on come when I am there

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    4:24 😂 the song

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    Hawian roller coaster baby!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bruh this gotta be one of the worst thimbnails in the world

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    When he said “ is it cause im black”😭

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    Noooo I was literally in Hawaii not long before he uploaded this I literally guessed he was at Starbucks just by the door

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    Love you

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    he runs the internet!!!!!

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    i see wet hair danny

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    Danny brings me joy like no other SEblacksr

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    there’s always that white girl in the back screaming “omg” lmao

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    I was just there in may😭 so beautiful

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    travel to ontario.

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    We miss Cameron lol 😂

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    Even have a picture and video of the shark with the hook 🪝!! Super cool

  • saul Guerrero
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    I was there last week and I’ve literally know all The place dude hit up . It’s still more beautiful than what you think

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    "why cuz im black" 😂😂

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    What ever happened to the crate challenge video?????

  • Miguel Flores

    Miguel Flores

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    @Cliff Long13 that’s weird I thought I was the only one that seen it

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    Thinking the same thing

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    My girlfriend said if Danny hits me up we can name the baby Danny Duncan Pfeifle

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    Danny aint no way you are 29? wtf you look like 22

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    I got a picture with him there

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    We not gonna talk about his hickey… I thought virginity rocks

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    10:31 the shark has a hook in his mouth

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    What happened to the crate challenge video

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    i was at the same places like a couple months befo re

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  • Escaping
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    *You're a duche bag for shooting that kids drone!* Steve Will Do It RULES!

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    Danny, ace posts bro, I'm from the Islands off Scotland, love the crew, especially the midget!!, soz don't got name yet, 1st time I've seen ur vids!!

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    I was at a lake last weekend and they said I look like pedophile Danny Duncan

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    The untidy rice concomitantly like because jason cytogenetically yawn for a tight deposit. private, black tea

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    So. My friend got munched by a shark in Jamaica 🇯🇲 last year doing this. Oh well. Lived. Funny.

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    Been 2 weeks my guy, where a new video!?

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    post a new vid

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    bro i live in hawaii

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    I love Danny but something about him makes me think hes a douchebag.

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    I get that feeling sometimes as well

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    I saw you in Hawaii bug I was too scared to walk up to your u or say hi lmao

  • (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
    (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)20 dagar sedan

    Please collaborate with Ross creations again, my 2 favorite youtubers and yall do the same thing basically. Also would be good for publicity lol

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    Brendon Castaneda20 dagar sedan

    I miss Cameron :(

  • Michael Richards
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    Watching::: Grocery Shopping with Danny Duncan ... from Mar 8, 2016 Danny explaining how a video of him shopping at the Grocery store will pay for what he buys that day. Just with views from the Video... Ahhhhh the 2016 Wisdom of Danny.

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    Siena D20 dagar sedan

    were papa jim at

  • Little Colt
    Little Colt20 dagar sedan

    The videos and content are still dope af as always but I really wanna see Aaron come back around for a video. The shit he says and him wearing that damn sunhat are hilarious to me.

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    I would kill to be Danny’s friend 😂

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    Did anyone saw the kid fly😂

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    the last family was wild

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    Danny I love Your Videos Hope You Read This (Danny Duncan You Best Person To Live Alive Who Has A Blessed Heart And Passion With All Of The Fans In The World , Even Me That Love You And Support All Hard Work Putting Time With Your Best Friend Who Been With You Think An Thin. Keep Putting Up With The Hard Work An Much Love To You Your Friends And Family And Tell Papa Jim I Said Hi For Me…………Ps…Virginity Rocks🙏❤️🤟🏼🤟🏼

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    He should do a video visiting Cameron!!

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    2weeks ago? Quit being lazy you famous ()

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    Hopping in the pool with your bros piss in it…. Now that’s love 😂

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    Got suspended for a Danny’s cream pie shirt and now I can’t we’re Danny’s mearch

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