Mask Enforcement Prank!

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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    @PiggyLikeBacon i

  • Poojon Jon

    Poojon Jon

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    You honestly lift me up when im in a down mood and your videoes are amazing need more with Mr Taylor bro Legends the pair of you :)

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    YTry_Zeus78 YT

    2 månader sedan

    I literally can not stop watching you bro! You HAVE to be the best SEblacksr out there. Always so creative and funny!

  • lI Seru

    lI Seru

    3 månader sedan

    Danny:”how do you say mask in Spanish?” Hispanic: “mascara” Danny: ponga Tu mascara gringo 💀



    4 månader sedan

    your a savage😂😂

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    *what's the movie at **9:29**?*

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    My papa Is a bit older then papa Jim and was in the navy

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    Dip it in the soup??

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    MV rất hay, i like it 🙁😌😆

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    That 40 year old virgin reference was legendary

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    12:06 whose that she cute asf😭

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    @Xisco_18 yo can I poo down socket?

  • HKfrench13


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    @Xisco_18 is cuz gay?

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    @HKfrench13 nvm I can’t date white girls 😂

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    Why do want her name? What are you gonna do?

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    The mute curler conventionally fire because den lilly bat of a deafening editor. frequent, bored edward

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    Very few people get to live lives like this lol

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    Easily the funniest video iv ever watched

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    Papa Jim sounds like he needs to cough

  • Riley Jackson
    Riley Jackson16 dagar sedan

    That’s LIL JOHN

  • Raider Martin
    Raider Martin16 dagar sedan

    Really need mask enforcement. My mother had to sleep in a recliner in the ER for 2 days because there's no beds. She had kidney failure. Such a funny video.

  • Zay rene Zay rene
    Zay rene Zay rene18 dagar sedan

    Jesus loves you all he died on the cross for you i pray and I beleive that you will find him weather that'd be today or another day. Jesus loves you all AMEN!

  • Colton Yeager
    Colton Yeager22 dagar sedan

    Please do mask enforcement again🤣

  • Shady Gaming
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    Lmao i love how everybody is throwing shade at cali

  • Colton Reed
    Colton Reed25 dagar sedan

    Fact: there isn’t a single socialist it the whole state of Florida.

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    What's a socialist

  • penny boarder.
    penny boarder.25 dagar sedan

    “I work for your mom”

  • Tegridy Farms
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    *So many uneducated people in Florida....*

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  • Noah Papp
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    5:27 wtf are those pants bruh

  • Its Heff
    Its Heff29 dagar sedan

    Florida people are fucking amazing

  • Mxvrd
    Mxvrd29 dagar sedan

    Why do people say respect your elders when most of the time the elders are the most disrespectful?

  • Thee Mokotarish
    Thee MokotarishMånad sedan

    Lmaoooo Andrew at the end! 😂

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    This is fucking hilarious 😂😭

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    Who started this style of video? Looks very similar to Vlog Creations

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    papa jim needs to clear his throat

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    Holy shit you are hilarious!

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    No shit

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    Kick rocks

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    The 2k dislikes r snowflakes, emo lgbtq girls or some late abortions

  • øutcast


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    Kinda hardcore

  • Brock
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    "i work for your mom" had me dying

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  • Space Walk
    Space WalkMånad sedan

    Steve will do it is real gangster my man

  • Space Walk
    Space WalkMånad sedan

    That's republican state America

  • Jack
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  • Evan Hastie
    Evan HastieMånad sedan

    The mask part is fucking hillarious 😂😂Danny your the man

  • Aidan Johnson
    Aidan JohnsonMånad sedan

    "It's a choice" "get away you're too close"

  • Meme_Lord 69
    Meme_Lord 69Månad sedan

    just when i think u can't become any more of a badass u surprise me again.

  • Pnut
    PnutMånad sedan

    His mom? I lost respect for you Danny🤦

  • Bailey DeBernardi
    Bailey DeBernardiMånad sedan

    This is the content we need more of

  • Scott Forster
    Scott ForsterMånad sedan

    I love Florida!

  • Bright Space
    Bright SpaceMånad sedan

    And I used to watch this guy...

  • S S
    S SMånad sedan

    4:45 karen

  • Benjamin
    BenjaminMånad sedan

    This would be funny if what Danny is pretending to be wasn’t what every person in California is actually like.

  • Jacob Milward
    Jacob MilwardMånad sedan

    Cashier at the dairy queen looks like adam22😭😂

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  • HomerSimpson
    HomerSimpsonMånad sedan

    2:37 just hit me he is form the hitch hiking vedio he is a officer that drove him and all that

  • R-DUBS
    R-DUBSMånad sedan

    That was actually hilarious.

  • Matthew Savage
    Matthew SavageMånad sedan

    Bro so fucking funny I literally cant

  • Peter Rosen
    Peter RosenMånad sedan

    Danny in a hat goes hard

  • AAO Tube
    AAO Tube2 månader sedan

    I'd never do theses stuffs even for a million, Danny is a whole different human 😆

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    Steve will do it runs the internet.

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  • Michael Vega-Marquez
    Michael Vega-Marquez2 månader sedan

    Government “DeSantos” 😂

  • BMDubClub
    BMDubClub2 månader sedan

    "Whats singings more important than killing people" Spot on Danny, definitely something a sheep would say lol

  • lilstump55
    lilstump552 månader sedan

    Did you know that you can go to heaven for free? This one decision can change your eternity forever. Jesus died for both mine and your sins. All you have to to is confess that you’re a sinner and accept Jesus as your savior. 👍🏽

  • Diego Maysonet
    Diego Maysonet2 månader sedan

    I laughed my shit of 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    The whole examination wailly practise because twine totally crawl worth a voracious port. longing, raspy volcano

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    “Uuuh pinche gringo adiós” got me dead 🤣🤣🥲

  • GetDrizzed On
    GetDrizzed On2 månader sedan

    I hope I never grow old enough when i can't figure out when someone is just fucking with me.. lmao these mask people getting so damn defensive. Did you actually think mask enforcement was a thing or do you have the iq of a toddler..

  • Funki
    Funki2 månader sedan

    So many brain dead people in Florida

  • Todaywelive
    Todaywelive2 månader sedan

    Bro I love Florida 😂😂.

  • iamextremest
    iamextremest2 månader sedan

    Come to Texas, there are more dipshits wearing masks and gloves in their own cars with no one in their car..... 98% of the worlds population are morons as I've said my whole life

  • DubsVision
    DubsVision2 månader sedan

    Love you man you are absolutely crazy

  • DubsVision


    2 månader sedan

    I paused 11:13.. right before he says he isnt crazy lol

  • Rat King
    Rat King2 månader sedan

    That guy looks like the cop you ate ice cream with when you were holding to like California or somewhere

  • TommyIxI
    TommyIxI2 månader sedan

    plz do another vid like this

  • TheTexasButcher
    TheTexasButcher2 månader sedan

    Was that daly junior golfing?



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    yeah lmao

  • Sulfen
    Sulfen2 månader sedan

    Lol Republicans are easy to piss off. Theyre really stupid so they think everything is socialist when they don't like something.

  • Shelovevex_
    Shelovevex_2 månader sedan

    0:10 what the song

  • Americaneagle
    Americaneagle2 månader sedan

    He’s not wrong Florida is a republican state and the governor did say it’s a choice and I think everyone sick of being told to put on a mask

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee2 månader sedan

    This was probably one of the best videos I’ve seen from you in awhile from you. That mask enforcement prank was comedy !

  • sean24
    sean242 månader sedan

    yo coke is #1 know its all ima drink ima be 100002 years old sheee

  • Albert Nordli
    Albert Nordli2 månader sedan

    I have never den so mant Karens in a video befour

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    I'm stoned asf this vid is 🔥

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  • Amberlynn P.
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    6:18 why you had to do her like that Dannyyyyyy🤣😭😭🤣🤣😭🤣

  • Caitlin Marsh
    Caitlin Marsh2 månader sedan

    He should have told them take off ther masks instead. That would have been a lot more funny.

  • Merus
    Merus2 månader sedan

    “what’s your badge number “ “6969420” IM DEAD

  • Tommy Mcdoodle
    Tommy Mcdoodle2 månader sedan

    I dont know why but this hit really hard 11:56

  • YoDrk_
    YoDrk_2 månader sedan

    7:49 you scared the living shit out of him 😭😭😭

  • ZaneForkum
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    mask don’t work 😂

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  • Desantis  2024
    Desantis 20242 månader sedan

    It’s De-Santis not “ De-Santos “

  • Roll The clip
    Roll The clip2 månader sedan

    DO A PART 2 OF MASK ENFORMENT 😂😂 THIS WAS HILARIOUS 🤣 LOL . People really was getting pressed . And you was didn’t back down when they left talked back to you , that made my day 😌

  • Jefferson
    Jefferson2 månader sedan

    Florida residents are something else :'D

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    8:09 was playing full volume by my mom

  • Honda Rob
    Honda Rob2 månader sedan

    Your grandpa is so awesome!!

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    Leave it to Danny to call something a bad idea

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    Jacob Irwin3 månader sedan

    Nobody gonna mention LJ daily

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    Danny I hang up with my gf to watch your videos wanna know why? It’s because your Danny Fuckin Duncan

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    @4:40 6969420

  • Purro Memes
    Purro Memes3 månader sedan

    What tf are all these New Yorkers doing in Florida lmao

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    This video got mad Laughing😂