Karen Bullied Me!

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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan3 månader sedan

    Danny’s cream pies opens in LA July 3rd! 11-7 … 433 n Fairfax ave Los Angeles ca 90036 .. pull up and meet me!

  • Kiya Miles

    Kiya Miles

    7 dagar sedan

    I’m not even close to there 🥲

  • 94_user


    14 dagar sedan

    You own a circle k ? I worked and got robed at circle k

  • I drink Commie tears

    I drink Commie tears

    Månad sedan

    @ZeroTwo - Topic gayyy.



    Månad sedan

    Cream Pie lol

  • Flo-boy For-real

    Flo-boy For-real

    Månad sedan

    Only in Port Charlotte 🤣🤣🤣

  • Austin’s
    Austin’sDag sedan

    “ArE yOu DaNnY dUnCaN” 😂

  • Beatz By Animal
    Beatz By Animal2 dagar sedan

    Who the fuck taught them how to drive

  • Riley Williams
    Riley Williams5 dagar sedan

    I’ve heard from numerous people ur bad to meet in real life

  • Lyon Luv
    Lyon Luv6 dagar sedan

    Ye this guys a arrogant kid

  • Theonlymacias
    Theonlymacias6 dagar sedan

    Man said my daddy owns this lot I love that line 1:57

  • Adam Exner II
    Adam Exner II6 dagar sedan

    Danny Duncan you know the kid that you met at the like Christmas parade open Dearborn and then you hug them that was me I love you Danny Duncan

  • Bob Shmurda
    Bob Shmurda6 dagar sedan

    Rip norm

  • Tristan Irvin
    Tristan Irvin8 dagar sedan

    danny is just the florida version of whistlin deisel

  • santy .c
    santy .c9 dagar sedan


  • Katanable
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  • Jayden Yang
    Jayden Yang9 dagar sedan

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  • Jayden Yang
    Jayden Yang9 dagar sedan

    The tenuous smile naively interest because notify hemodynamically repeat from a unique kale. longing, freezing shark

  • Differant
    Differant10 dagar sedan

    he looks like the guy from point break

  • Flip Arredondo
    Flip Arredondo10 dagar sedan

    does his daddy really own that lot

  • Shawn Wing
    Shawn Wing10 dagar sedan

    is it legal to have a yukon like that?

  • Danny Wayne
    Danny Wayne11 dagar sedan

    “It was a good throw though” that part killed me 🦇

    TOZZIE GAMING11 dagar sedan

    Sorry for your loss

  • bobby walsh
    bobby walsh12 dagar sedan

    What if I’m shy

  • Mec9788
    Mec978812 dagar sedan

    Danny’s mom is so accepting

  • Cherry
    Cherry13 dagar sedan

    I would tell them I’m not Danny too if they say there and stared for 10 fucking minutes being weird asf

  • Cherry


    13 dagar sedan


  • Cherry
    Cherry13 dagar sedan

    That is so fucking weird how those people were staring at you that’s disgusting 🤮

  • Gavin Paulley
    Gavin Paulley13 dagar sedan

    No my daddy owns this lot

  • Pedro Almeida
    Pedro Almeida13 dagar sedan

    Dude this is the best YT channel ever

  • Redpill Media
    Redpill Media13 dagar sedan

    Damn kinda sad to see danny going from this young carefree small youtube to a Lowkey jerk who hates fame and his fans.

  • Robert Daniels
    Robert Daniels14 dagar sedan

    "Why do people lie" Minutes later.. My Daddy owns the lot

  • John Wiggins
    John Wiggins14 dagar sedan

    Thank you for your land purchase, a very cool thing! Congrats on LA Cream Pies!

  • Jaxon Sumner
    Jaxon Sumner15 dagar sedan

    No homo, but i love you

  • Kilo SNF
    Kilo SNF15 dagar sedan

    Bro i swear i saw brenda at señor tacos in kissimee by bronson memorial hwy like two weeks ago

  • Michael G
    Michael G15 dagar sedan

    Who is Brenda?

  • Saad Guy
    Saad Guy16 dagar sedan

    OMG IM DYING- 6:43

    ACE GARAGE16 dagar sedan

    “When ever anyone comes up to me I tell them I’m not Danny Duncan” “I LoVE My FaNs WhEn ThEY cOmE uP to Me I ALwaYs AM sO nICE”

    ACE GARAGE16 dagar sedan

    Why tf is Danny such a douche? He acts like he’s a celebrity

  • Phil Snyder
    Phil Snyder17 dagar sedan

    Danny you should bring back the old baskin Robbins bubble gum ice cream!

  • E.T. Mayer
    E.T. Mayer18 dagar sedan

    Congrats on your land

  • Tyler Travisano
    Tyler Travisano19 dagar sedan

    Need to try again

  • Axal 1066
    Axal 106619 dagar sedan

    Is Brenda a TRANVESTITE??? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lil bo Peep
    Lil bo Peep19 dagar sedan

    Yo what the intro song can’t remember the name to it

  • Sebastian Carlos2006
    Sebastian Carlos200619 dagar sedan

    Danny wasn’t lying when he said they were discontinued in 1969 😂

  • Sebastian Carlos2006
    Sebastian Carlos200619 dagar sedan

    Bro really went up to him and asked if he’s Danny Duncan

  • Petchon Ioanis
    Petchon Ioanis21 dag sedan

    The best part 6:43

  • CoomByeAh
    CoomByeAh21 dag sedan

    Holy fuck this is lit 😂😂 Can't believe I haven't seen this channel before Steve's vid

  • Trapper Simmers
    Trapper Simmers22 dagar sedan

    Imagine losing Danny in a car accident🥺bruh wear your seatbelt right

  • Kenyon Castillo
    Kenyon Castillo22 dagar sedan

    The pigs 😐🤭😂🤣😭😭

  • Finnerz
    Finnerz22 dagar sedan

    My daddy owns everything :)

  • Matt
    Matt22 dagar sedan

    ima keep it g real cuz you gotta understand they were probably star struck thats why they stare at you and it took time for them to build the courage to go talk to you. Maybe next time you should say hey whats up man noticed you guys were looking is there anything i can do for you? Then when they ask if your danny d just say yes and give them their pic and be on your way. Whole thing is avoidable if you just accept the fact that your famous and shit like this is just going to happen.

  • Mr Williams
    Mr Williams22 dagar sedan

    You shouldn’t of been a prick then to the family who obviously wanted to meet a famous youtuber

  • Patrick Culpepper
    Patrick Culpepper22 dagar sedan

    Can u pls get my mom a vehicle bro she needs a car because she has no way to get around and I’m a huge fan I hate to sound desperate but pls

  • Hunter Lamb
    Hunter Lamb23 dagar sedan

    Behind every Dore that closes one opens and I'm opening it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • James Colbert
    James Colbert23 dagar sedan

    You ain’t famous lol

  • Stephanie Ferguson
    Stephanie Ferguson23 dagar sedan

    yo you hit 6.09 mil

    SWANZI24 dagar sedan

    Lmao Danny's foot bleeding "what do I do" idk start by not riding your bike in flip flops

  • Mr. Biscuit
    Mr. Biscuit24 dagar sedan

    “Why’s that bitch gotta lie all day?” 😂

  • Tommy P
    Tommy P24 dagar sedan

    Ur such a fk head and I love it bro🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathan J. knarF
    Nathan J. knarF25 dagar sedan

    I love Danny, and I think he’s a great guy, but just like everyone else, he can be a little hypocritical sometimes. Like when he said “I’m big on respect” but then totally ruins those yellow three wheel carts in the 4th of July vid, that’s not really respect. However, he did completely fiscally compensate for the damage so I’m not saying Danny’s a dick, just there’s a lil bit of hypocrisy. But the vids are great sooooo 🤘

  • Christa Turner
    Christa Turner25 dagar sedan

    Danny would it be wrong to breed a mans mouth and fill his belly up with the nectar of the gods swallow all of it dude!!!!

  • Deandre HUNTER
    Deandre HUNTER25 dagar sedan

    Danny got hood cousins 😂😂

  • 25 dagar sedan

    That cop at 2:10 is hot

  • Malaki Russell
    Malaki Russell25 dagar sedan

    you rock danny

  • Ethan Pritchard
    Ethan Pritchard26 dagar sedan

    Is Brenda trans?

  • Josh C
    Josh C26 dagar sedan

    The old lady saying “I had one” in regards to a man who feeds her, definitely hit different🥺

  • Michael Tascarella
    Michael Tascarella26 dagar sedan

    Love Danny

  • Jospeh Gutierrez
    Jospeh Gutierrez27 dagar sedan

    I love how Danny is soo cool w the cops

  • Fundip75
    Fundip7527 dagar sedan

    Bro how did I just stumble upon this guy? This man is hilarious

  • Tyler Harkey
    Tyler Harkey27 dagar sedan

    It’s Florida,it’ll grow back 😂

  • ProdByPrimal
    ProdByPrimal27 dagar sedan

    You don’t even wanna know the kid, you’ll kill him… it’s Alex😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Miranda
    Joseph Miranda27 dagar sedan

    Nelk’s better

  • Sleezy_D
    Sleezy_D27 dagar sedan

    At this rate his daddy owns all of the United States

    DRIPPING JAY28 dagar sedan

    Lee county better than Charlotte

  • Matthew Holland
    Matthew Holland28 dagar sedan

    The ugly signature traditionally obey because moon sporadically plug up a elegant van. truthful, trashy wealth

  • #bossdarko Ø
    #bossdarko Ø29 dagar sedan

    do a video with Jeremy dewitte . mock funeral .....

  • Anthony Sparks
    Anthony Sparks29 dagar sedan

    Bad day huh

  • NickScott
    NickScottMånad sedan

    Ngl i googled when the 1000$ bill was discontinued and it really was in 1969 LOOOOL apparently one in good condition is worth up to 12K so crazy

  • mlg_babyfreddy_420 boi
    mlg_babyfreddy_420 boiMånad sedan

    As i watch this my phones at 69

  • onthecircuit 🅥
    onthecircuit 🅥Månad sedan

    *1969 Like its smaller cousin, the $500 bill, the $1,000 bill was discontinued in 1969. 4 And like the $500 bill, the $1,000 bill would seem to have a lot more use now than it did then.*

  • Rain_Joseph Byrne
    Rain_Joseph ByrneMånad sedan

    My daddy owns this lot

  • ReconciLe
    ReconciLeMånad sedan

    Man I swear I wish this could be my everyday life love the videos

  • SP3CTR3_317
    SP3CTR3_317Månad sedan

    Ngl I don’t think he should of recorded her cuz if that was my mom I would be pretty mad if she was filmed and embarrassed

  • Szy Yzs

    Szy Yzs

    27 dagar sedan

    She was acting out and lying who tf cares if she was embarrassed

  • esteban collazo
    esteban collazoMånad sedan

    The nippy chill concordingly cross because dimple reciprocally worry inside a fat faulty clarinet. spotted, thoughtless canoe

  • Victor Becerra
    Victor BecerraMånad sedan

    9:39 wtf brenda that wasn’t cool

  • Ye ye
    Ye yeMånad sedan

    is she trans

  • erspect
    erspectMånad sedan

    Ngl mad disrespectful nd immature by telling them fans you werent danny duncan.

  • Ferditheking Simp

    Ferditheking Simp

    Månad sedan

    They where staring at him for 30 minutes

  • Bobby 019
    Bobby 019Månad sedan

    3:30 oh.. sorry for your loss!

  • rytk
    rytkMånad sedan

    mad respec

  • Pyrorock8
    Pyrorock8Månad sedan

    Guy: “are you Danny duncan?” Danny: “No” Also Danny: “Why do people lie!?”

  • Beatz By Animal

    Beatz By Animal

    2 dagar sedan


  • Drxpzy


    12 dagar sedan


  • Pyrorock8


    22 dagar sedan

    @Hellbaby I know it was still funny to hear tho lol

  • Hien Le

    Hien Le

    22 dagar sedan

    joking isn't lying.

  • Hellbaby


    28 dagar sedan

    He said no because he was tired of their bullshit lmfao

  • Antlers 4hire
    Antlers 4hireMånad sedan

    but like whoever driving that truck broke so many laws also just running someone off the road over a drink being thrown like grow up lol this isnt highschool u dont need to feel big

  • Lamp Senpai
    Lamp SenpaiMånad sedan

    9:40 boo??! 😭😭😭😭😭🥲

  • Kyle
    KyleMånad sedan

    Those parents are crazy, endangering and embarrassing their children all at once.

  • Joshua Schmidt
    Joshua SchmidtMånad sedan

    I love you Daniel

  • rabbit32073
    rabbit32073Månad sedan

    Well, it's no Vlog Creations.

  • Gleb Korobov
    Gleb KorobovMånad sedan

    Is that a hickey on your neck??

  • Piping
    PipingMånad sedan

    What a 🤡

  • 1Roseoneme
    1RoseonemeMånad sedan

    That ain’t even my husband, that’s my grandfather😳🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

  • Chelsea Brown
    Chelsea BrownMånad sedan

    I don't understand what's wrong with asking "Are you Danny Duncan?" lol. Like he says he loves his fans and will take pics with them but he got so mad that they came up and asked if he was Danny Duncan. Does seem rude tbh, like the lady said. Maybe I'm missing something.

  • Man of Culture

    Man of Culture

    Månad sedan

    @Chelsea Brown He probably has so many people ask him everyday if he is Danny Duncan he probably has started to get mad when people ask him that now

  • Chelsea Brown

    Chelsea Brown

    Månad sedan

    Yet, he can walk up to random people and mess with them for views like those old ladies? Someone help me out here lol.

  • Anna Sullivan
    Anna SullivanMånad sedan

    ugh u look so good bae

  • Angeni1993 LoL
    Angeni1993 LoLMånad sedan

    U are buying so much shit but u should get ur mum some nice air conditioning so she hasnt have to sleep naked with a van on mate xD

  • Godly Chickens
    Godly ChickensMånad sedan

    Im guessing Brenda's real name isnt brenda Just a guess

  • SuperBowlGiants1991
    SuperBowlGiants1991Månad sedan

    Crack baby

  • nino patafio
    nino patafioMånad sedan

    steve will do it and danny duncan should link up and make content

  • Jason Padgett
    Jason PadgettMånad sedan

    You can take the boys and girls out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the boys and girls.