I Drove a Tank!

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  • tyler S
    tyler S4 timmar sedan

    They should have interviewed Gary about the shooting suspect at Danny’s meet up lmao

  • Raky
    Raky5 dagar sedan


  • stir fry
    stir fry7 dagar sedan

    This was my favorite Danny Duncan episode, I’m going to go to Texas and fire some big guns now as you were totally enjoying one of my fantasies of sliding a tank and popping cannons off

  • trí minh hihi😎😎
    trí minh hihi😎😎9 dagar sedan

    Helo danny cm o vietnam

  • OG Deathstar
    OG Deathstar11 dagar sedan

    It amazes me how many idiots buy overpriced merch.lol

  • kx250monster1023244
    kx250monster102324411 dagar sedan

    7:48 dunkdd onnn

  • tqrmentz
    tqrmentz13 dagar sedan

    did they drift a fucking tank😂

  • Gavin Matson
    Gavin Matson16 dagar sedan


  • Buddy Mitchell
    Buddy Mitchell17 dagar sedan

    Danny Duncan is the G.O.A.T no cap

  • Hybrid Trap
    Hybrid Trap17 dagar sedan

    Watching Danny Duncan videos backwards thanks to SteveWillDoIt 🔥

  • Kivi Swu

    Kivi Swu

    14 dagar sedan

    Same bro and now i can't stop myself 🤣

  • 1M Kjay

    1M Kjay

    14 dagar sedan


  • TentaclesBTW


    15 dagar sedan

    Y are u watching them backwards

  • Eric amERICa
    Eric amERICa19 dagar sedan

    seblacks.info/cold/video/ipt9un6epKl7j5g.html , I got maced, but lil Wayne back ground was perfect for the range, haha good shit danny

  • Oscar Ross-brooks
    Oscar Ross-brooks19 dagar sedan

    Literally the best creator out there fuckin wettin myself laughin every vid literally can’t imagine a world without mr Duncan in 😂🔥

  • Axal 1066
    Axal 106619 dagar sedan

    Danny, take it the wee man is Rosco?? U got a great team, me again fae Scotland

  • YoBoiMadDawg SebLix ♚
    YoBoiMadDawg SebLix ♚19 dagar sedan

    If a 9 yr old’s mom sees Danny Duncan doing savage stuff the mom be saying Mommy: his a bad influence

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich20 dagar sedan

    Danny Duncan might be my father

  • LoneStar Yota
    LoneStar Yota21 dag sedan

    Come to San Antonio

  • Andre Hicks
    Andre Hicks21 dag sedan

    Danny said he will fuck the dudes mol what’s wrong with you man

  • Max de Arce Stöver
    Max de Arce Stöver22 dagar sedan


  • Jonathan Medina
    Jonathan Medina23 dagar sedan

    The lady said fuckin white boi

  • Jr Herrera
    Jr Herrera25 dagar sedan

    This man was in Sonora texas in the football team Sonora Broncos I live there

  • Jeremiah Rea
    Jeremiah Rea27 dagar sedan

    Some people say I look like you I’m 18 long hair but diffrent style and a lil bit of acne but other than that yuh

  • MochATheWiz
    MochATheWiz28 dagar sedan


  • MochATheWiz
    MochATheWiz28 dagar sedan


  • MochATheWiz
    MochATheWiz28 dagar sedan


  • Teck Ann Lim
    Teck Ann Lim28 dagar sedan


  • tristan io
    tristan io28 dagar sedan

    Always fire content 🔥🔥

  • David Romero
    David Romero29 dagar sedan

    Its funny how he got the wrong song that said “suave” bc it colombian not mexican💀

  • green564x4
    green564x4Månad sedan

    I'm from Canada and i have been binge watching your vids.....gotta say i've been in a good mood for days boi! Thanks!

  • angel chavez
    angel chavezMånad sedan

    Tiny dude was boutta shoot everyone’s legs off 😂

  • Elias Cortez
    Elias CortezMånad sedan

    Danny’s invited to the carne asada bbq

  • Faze Kills
    Faze KillsMånad sedan

    We ant talking about 2:22 though

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel HernandezMånad sedan

    Puro 915

  • Tariq Vlogs
    Tariq VlogsMånad sedan

    11:29 smother than cutting a butter.

  • Brain Worms
    Brain WormsMånad sedan

    Happy to see seal team 69 did a demonstration of the power!

  • Dr. Drift
    Dr. DriftMånad sedan

    He sure has the best merch

  • MrAwesomeBikerDude
    MrAwesomeBikerDudeMånad sedan

    No entourage is complete without a dwarf! :-)

  • GDI 8A
    GDI 8AMånad sedan

    3:56 Playing salsa music and showing Mexico flag...what a combination 🤣

  • FlaZhy on Wii
    FlaZhy on WiiMånad sedan


  • Sicao is dead
    Sicao is deadMånad sedan

    10:05 - Looks like he's holding an LMG.

  • #love of country
    #love of countryMånad sedan

    Thank bub for your cool content. My son got me watching you for 7 years. Now I'm hooked.new subscriber. # for love of country.

    SHOOTTER-_-Månad sedan

    What's the mp5 class 10:01

  • Kaden White
    Kaden WhiteMånad sedan

    Yo that is cool

  • Jacob smith
    Jacob smithMånad sedan

    It’s 2022

  • Beau Sikes
    Beau SikesMånad sedan

    Move to texas

  • Månad sedan

    Where in texas u at

  • Vixxed


    Månad sedan

    It was El Paso

  • Sawyer Mahin
    Sawyer MahinMånad sedan

    Love how roman Hager when from camp Woodward to watching people run from border patrol

  • cal blank
    cal blankMånad sedan

    thats crazy to think Danny Duncan was caught up in this thank god it was false

  • Banana face Gaming
    Banana face Gaming2 månader sedan

    3:42 im dead bro danny picked the best kid that spoke about his merch

  • Marine Raindeer
    Marine Raindeer2 månader sedan

    2:23 who dat is @

  • lilstump55
    lilstump552 månader sedan

    Did you know that you can go to heaven for free? This one decision can change your eternity forever. Jesus died for both mine and your sins. All you have to to is confess that you’re a sinner and accept Jesus as your savior. 👍🏽

  • Its Grinder
    Its Grinder2 månader sedan

    Holy shit

  • Jake Jane
    Jake Jane2 månader sedan

    I saw you at farlows in Florida

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast2 månader sedan

    lets goo

  • William Mclaughlin
    William Mclaughlin2 månader sedan

    You really used lil Wayne!!!!

  • Random guy
    Random guy2 månader sedan

    as a person from el paso it is rare for celeberties to come

  • Your Neighbor
    Your Neighbor2 månader sedan

    that dude from the store in the mall was protecting danny like he’s a god

  • L o f i
    L o f i2 månader sedan

    Es mejor ser mexicano que ser gringo 😂😂

  • TwoOreosOneCup
    TwoOreosOneCup2 månader sedan

    I wouldn’t have done that for $20 lol

  • CJS.gaming.vlogs
    CJS.gaming.vlogs2 månader sedan

    Should of ate the old food lol

  • 2 månader sedan

    Go pack el paso

  • Drizz Gomi
    Drizz Gomi2 månader sedan

    Hola danny Duncan

  • N Rod
    N Rod2 månader sedan

    "Empty the clip then roll the window up".. I swear every song Danny puts on i fux with lol

  • DMND BiggestFan
    DMND BiggestFan2 månader sedan

    This just in Danny Duncan buys a lowrider

  • Trxpzy 📸🤨
    Trxpzy 📸🤨2 månader sedan


  • Alt Kelo
    Alt Kelo2 månader sedan

    You should do a colab with bayleine Levine

  • Travis_xd_123
    Travis_xd_1232 månader sedan

    It was cool seeing him at the mall I live almost at cielo vista

  • cisco
    cisco2 månader sedan


  • nerd .o. lot
    nerd .o. lot2 månader sedan

    i love he, s thumbnail,s

  • Jonathan Heath
    Jonathan Heath2 månader sedan

    Who is this ginger? He look that guy in the movie “Mask” with Cher

  • R&A_clipz
    R&A_clipz2 månader sedan

    dannys a true legend

  • 2 månader sedan


  • MrXiizy
    MrXiizy2 månader sedan

    Shorty at 2:22 is THICK

  • Nobba


    2 månader sedan


  • Elenilson Castro
    Elenilson Castro2 månader sedan

    This are the best videos on youtube how can someone hate this master pieces

  • Lil Tury
    Lil Tury2 månader sedan

    POV ur from El Paso watching 👁👄👁

  • Jalen Eubanks
    Jalen Eubanks2 månader sedan

    I can’t believe Danny is 28

  • Phantom_ ryzes
    Phantom_ ryzes2 månader sedan

    What’s that first da baby song you played called ?

  • Con W
    Con W2 månader sedan

    Leopard 1 or A1A1

  • Kayce Corneille
    Kayce Corneille2 månader sedan


  • Celine Cooper
    Celine Cooper2 månader sedan


  • Zachariah Perez
    Zachariah Perez2 månader sedan

    I love you Danny 2021

  • Adolfo Hernandez
    Adolfo Hernandez2 månader sedan

    Dope ass video that place to shoot tanks is in my hometown Uvalde TX

  • stewie
    stewie2 månader sedan

    Like I always say most adults are just kids with money.

  • Rico and Cindy
    Rico and Cindy2 månader sedan

    Lol who gonna tell Danny that’s a Puerto Rican song 😂 love it tho

  • Guadalupe Encinas
    Guadalupe Encinas2 månader sedan

    Second david dobrik

  • Jace 50

    Jace 50

    Månad sedan


  • ba$ementt
    ba$ementt2 månader sedan

    I live in el paso but I missed the chance to meet him. :(

  • Ashton Elgin
    Ashton Elgin2 månader sedan

    When he picked up the boy and like lifted him I’m sure he made that little boys year mad respect to u Danny love to see it keep it up

  • t w
    t w2 månader sedan

    That border patrol shit tho. lmfao

  • Tarus Mack
    Tarus Mack2 månader sedan

    Fucking awesome wtf bra 😂😂 it’s the fucking tank for me

  • Texas Trill
    Texas Trill2 månader sedan

    Hello from San Antonio Texas!!!

  • Throwiez
    Throwiez2 månader sedan

    POV: you’re in the USA Army 😂 10:38

  • aleksey cherenkov
    aleksey cherenkov2 månader sedan

    He’s like a mini me black Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Jaime Garcia
    Jaime Garcia2 månader sedan

    F'n awesome Danny D69, mann what a great video👍👍👍😎😎😎

    LIFE WITH ARTUR2 månader sedan


  • MIKS 28
    MIKS 282 månader sedan

    Elvis crespo is boricua

  • Destroyer
    Destroyer2 månader sedan

    I feel like dababy owes Danny money because of all the copyright claims

  • Destroyer


    Månad sedan

    @Nobba you can tell the video is claimed because of the description 🤦‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Destroyer


    Månad sedan

    @Nobba I don't think you know how SEblacks works

  • Nobba


    2 månader sedan

    No because he credits the people who made the song

  • Alex69
    Alex692 månader sedan

    Hhahahahahahahhaha danny is soooooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😅🤣

  • Carter Axe
    Carter Axe3 månader sedan

    Oop I’m Mexican

  • Nobba


    2 månader sedan

    So what

  • Spikenado
    Spikenado3 månader sedan

    I live in Sonara that’s where he went

  • _Saucyam _
    _Saucyam _3 månader sedan

    Bro the mall scene where they’re all running happily into the mall and then one second later they’re running out scared af is literally the scene in the movie Hot Rod

  • I love clouds❤️
    I love clouds❤️3 månader sedan

    Danny got the Mexican blood❤️