Danny Duncan visits Europe!

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    Tour tickets available at www.dannyduncan69.com

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    see you im sacromento!

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    When you hit Buffalo NY and want some 10/10 Pizza And Wings.. Make sure you hit up Allentown Pizza 94 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222! Shit is GOLD. No Hype.

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    the vip sold out so freakin quick, very sad

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    Intro so white 😂

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    Going to the Philadelphia tour!

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    Can you go to Svendborg

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    imagine growing up knowing you where held by danny fucking duncan

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    I love how they all just let him use there stuff

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    The tough magazine inexplicably supply because rabbi importantly appreciate times a long-term cabbage. kindly, absent professor

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    I wanna see him in England he would get some many viewa

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    visit ireland

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    Danny Duncan Amsterdam???

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    Came here straight from stevewilldoit

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    that's the typical amurrican who got smacked in the face

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    Danny come to Tajikistan 🇹🇯!!!

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    Hey Danny I am getting back surgery on October 18 and I would really like to meet u I’ve been watching your videos for years

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    pls go to estonia

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    Come to Austin Texas

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    can u do a tour somewhere in indiana?

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    french people seem so nice

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    Wow everyone in Paris is so nice

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    whyyy you’re not coming to canada on tour this time :((

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    if I comment the comments will be exact 7777 what an amazing opportunity

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    visit denmark lol

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    c'est chaud les cliché

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    3:46 Ayo it’s dj scheme

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    Bro 7:37 has me in absolute tears 😂😂😭

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    He just had to get first class...

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    Go somewhere else!! Recreate. This video was dope.

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    Who’s in Paris?

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    well seems easy to steal a bike in france

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    Danny probably looked like a physcopath to the people around him in the intro

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    Danny goes to Russia ?

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    There no such thing as a world tour if you dont vist Washington D.C

  • PINNED BY Danny Duncan

    PINNED BY Danny Duncan

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    Thanks for watching, I have something real big I'd love to introduce you to T.E.X T / W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•5•0•8•6•1•9•8•1•0•3#

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    I really enjoyed this video ! As a french person, it was cool to see Danny messing around !

    CRUZ [CSGO]Månad sedan

    it was almost germany danny!!! ALMOST!

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  • PINNED BY Danny Duncan

    PINNED BY Danny Duncan

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for watching, I have something real big I'd love to introduce you to T.E.X T / W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•5•0•8•6•1•9•8•1•0•3#

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    Me when I’m bored- Video Games Danny-France

  • PINNED BY Danny Duncan

    PINNED BY Danny Duncan

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for watching, I have something real big I'd love to introduce you to T.E.X T / W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•5•0•8•6•1•9•8•1•0•3#

  • Tate O'Brien
    Tate O'BrienMånad sedan

    Oi Danny if you want another video come to Australia and meet me I act exactly like you and it is my dream to meet you. (Please spread this around so he see this). I also skate and do dumb shit😂

  • PINNED BY Danny Duncan

    PINNED BY Danny Duncan

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for watching, I have something real big I'd love to introduce you to T.E.X T / W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•5•0•8•6•1•9•8•1•0•3#

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