Danny Duncan | Best of 2020

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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan9 månader sedan

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  • Jakoby Glenn

    Jakoby Glenn

    2 dagar sedan

    I need u to water the grass to keep the animals alive and ur mom is fine asf lol

  • Jakoby Glenn

    Jakoby Glenn

    2 dagar sedan

    I want a tesla please but hey man can you water the grass we need ur cute animals to survive and and ur mom is fine asf lol

  • Colton Frates

    Colton Frates

    Månad sedan


  • Mythical_insane 21

    Mythical_insane 21

    Månad sedan

    I think my time has expired

  • Mexi Mando

    Mexi Mando

    Månad sedan

    Am I late to the tesla giveaway?

  • Harold Pavey
    Harold PaveyTimme sedan


  • Soggypestos
    Soggypestos2 timmar sedan

    Man that was a long video, I paused it in the middle to go make fuckin brownies. 💀

  • Coach Hammer
    Coach Hammer13 timmar sedan

    First time I saw this guy Great stuff

  • Deathwish
    DeathwishDag sedan

    Its so funny that arron will argue that he doesn't want to and will not do something as he does it

  • Ryan2021
    Ryan2021Dag sedan

    2:08 when u listen to youngboy for a day 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Untamed Assassins Airsoft
    Untamed Assassins AirsoftDag sedan

    Never seen him cry but holy shit

  • OysterSales
    OysterSalesDag sedan

    1:16:55 best video

  • Charlie Richardson
    Charlie RichardsonDag sedan


  • Higgsy
    HiggsyDag sedan

    1:54:56 , anybody know what this song is called?

  • Oggamer1026 YT
    Oggamer1026 YTDag sedan

    Yooooo is that snot

  • Kevin Harrington
    Kevin HarringtonDag sedan

    I don’t know why I just realized jake does the 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink 🤣

  • Nicholas Gordon
    Nicholas Gordon2 dagar sedan

    This is what they thought the American dream was

  • ZBOSS - RT
    ZBOSS - RT2 dagar sedan

    the stories this man will be able to tell his future kids will be insane

  • Nicholas Gordon
    Nicholas Gordon2 dagar sedan

    That one kid hates him

  • Chillafied
    Chillafied2 dagar sedan

    We love night Lovell

  • Chillafied
    Chillafied2 dagar sedan

    We love night lovell

  • Skyffey
    Skyffey2 dagar sedan

    Danny doesn't wait for The 4th Of July, The 4th of July waits for him

  • Koln Music
    Koln Music2 dagar sedan

    You should make a T shirt that says “WELL THE GANGS ALL HERE” dedicated to papa Jim

  • Twitch_ bocan1x_tv
    Twitch_ bocan1x_tv2 dagar sedan

    Danny carries yt

  • Kane.benning
    Kane.benning2 dagar sedan

    I’ve seen this like 5 times gets better every time

  • Darth Sped
    Darth Sped3 dagar sedan

    Why does nick look like jeremy renner?

  • On the bank With Blake
    On the bank With Blake3 dagar sedan

    Is it weird that Danny was seen more 🍆 than he has 😺

    TOZZIE GAMING3 dagar sedan

    Mila Monet folks

  • DeMonocle
    DeMonocle3 dagar sedan

    Power hungry cops 🤣

    PARKIPLIER¡ ?¿3 dagar sedan

    6:29 LOL

  • Eli H
    Eli H3 dagar sedan

    Did you guys catch that he said I’m going to drive the pool into the van at 37:00

  • Adan Torres 6555
    Adan Torres 65554 dagar sedan


  • Joshua Hurlbert
    Joshua Hurlbert4 dagar sedan

    Im 14 but I want t ok be on here so bad

  • yungbludsy •
    yungbludsy •4 dagar sedan

    You can tell this dude is inspired by jackass.. from the rocket skates to the “he has bursitis” referencing the “I have bursitis” quote from Johnny Knoxville in the prank where they hide in the bushes, and blow air horns when golfers swing their clubs.. super cool to see people still doing these kinds of videos because they’re the best

  • Uummpp Hiii
    Uummpp Hiii4 dagar sedan

    This is the best fucking video to ever exist

  • Aaron Klaphake
    Aaron Klaphake4 dagar sedan

    55:05 what song is that

  • Uummpp Hiii
    Uummpp Hiii4 dagar sedan

    He is the definition of yolo

  • Uummpp Hiii
    Uummpp Hiii4 dagar sedan

    This mans life is a fucking story

  • christoph !!
    christoph !!4 dagar sedan

    The women he got the car for I bet she remined him of his mum

  • Jamie Gautreaux
    Jamie Gautreaux4 dagar sedan

    My boy mcgregor hoo da fook is that guy

    TOZZIE GAMING4 dagar sedan

    Warp brownly here

  • J.T. Rodriguez
    J.T. Rodriguez5 dagar sedan

    When papa Jim said yeah to 100 mph i died😂

    SPAMSLAYER 6715 dagar sedan

    1:00:00 song

  • Toastedbuns
    Toastedbuns6 dagar sedan

    Papa Jim is my idol

  • Alexander Zamora
    Alexander Zamora6 dagar sedan

    your gunna drive the pool into the van lol said it wrong

  • Avery Pelletier
    Avery Pelletier6 dagar sedan

    36:55 drive pull in van lol

  • 5s70
    5s706 dagar sedan

    Damn it daniel

  • ImZeta
    ImZeta6 dagar sedan

    this is like watching 20 videos in one cant wait for best of 2021

  • andrew buckner
    andrew buckner7 dagar sedan

    I watch this for an hour and 50 minutes, and now I’m crying

  • Reaper _Maxfox6278
    Reaper _Maxfox62787 dagar sedan

    36:51"Were gonna drive the pool into the van"

  • Will H
    Will H7 dagar sedan

    Chris chann on the RZR?

  • Kai
    Kai7 dagar sedan

    1:53:42 I think everyone cried when they saw Danny start crying

  • Jaxon Blackburn
    Jaxon Blackburn7 dagar sedan

    Chingale wey buena

  • Ttv_shark_YT
    Ttv_shark_YT7 dagar sedan

    Only guy I know that will pull out a knife to a knife and says I got a knife to motherfucker

  • Exvo YT
    Exvo YT7 dagar sedan

    I'm taking my dirt bike to UCLA can I get arrested. Well you can go to jail I know that. Danny ok bet imma take it around The Who fucking crowd

  • Ronlé Escobar
    Ronlé Escobar8 dagar sedan

    8:43 the Emu looked like the prisoners on beyond scared straight

  • Ashton Fraley
    Ashton Fraley8 dagar sedan

    At 12:12 the fire works make a smoke ring

  • andrew buckner
    andrew buckner8 dagar sedan

    Can’t believe that Aaron isn’t kidding, there’s no way someone is actually like that

  • Yung Richb!tch
    Yung Richb!tch8 dagar sedan

    what’s the song by snot?

  • Day
    Day8 dagar sedan


  • Legallassie
    Legallassie8 dagar sedan

    I have no idea who this guy is but SEblacks wouldn't stop recommending him

  • DSN Alan
    DSN Alan8 dagar sedan

    Anyone know the song at 1:01:22

  • SomeWhatLegend
    SomeWhatLegend8 dagar sedan

    At 20:39 a truck behind him had the numbers 6969696 💀

  • Eddie Nava
    Eddie Nava8 dagar sedan

    How do u drive a pool into a van lmao

  • ding dong
    ding dong8 dagar sedan

    You should cut the exhaust off all your cars

  • RePxToXiiC
    RePxToXiiC8 dagar sedan

    Papa Jim is the goat

  • CZC
    CZC8 dagar sedan

    aw youtube made him change it

  • The reasons why I hate noobs in roblox
    The reasons why I hate noobs in roblox8 dagar sedan

    Imagin he keeps doing best of what ever year just Imagin when he does it at 90 Danny gone be old and he gone be new papa Jim lol

  • Mcpancakes
    Mcpancakes9 dagar sedan

    whats the girls name on 1:47:30

  • Dry Eye
    Dry Eye9 dagar sedan

    black danny duncan better

  • Mcpancakes
    Mcpancakes10 dagar sedan

    31:30 dick out and everything in front of a woman 😭

  • ApxlloTexts


    9 dagar sedan

    Balls of steel

  • The Clickbaiter
    The Clickbaiter10 dagar sedan

    He must make no money on these videos haha

  • 10 dagar sedan

    We’re gonna dive the POOL into the VAN 😂

  • Alex Clawson
    Alex Clawson10 dagar sedan


  • Fabian Swain
    Fabian Swain11 dagar sedan

    Wonder what the songs called in 1:39:45

  • cole
    cole11 dagar sedan

    I watch this every once in a while to pass the time

  • the lightning king
    the lightning king11 dagar sedan

    1:8:40 that was possibly the best comeback fight ive ever seen

  • Ronny Rick
    Ronny Rick11 dagar sedan

    Y’all better not frick with me

  • Link
    Link11 dagar sedan

    whats the song at 1:04:48 please :)

  • bennyk


    9 dagar sedan

    illegal guns-ysn flow

  • Rikke Sinding
    Rikke Sinding12 dagar sedan

    For a second when Danny was jumping the big dirt ramp I thought pat was on the back

  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson12 dagar sedan

    Danny Duncan is the direct definition of what people really mean when they say “boys will be boys”.

  • Mad Son
    Mad Son12 dagar sedan

    the bike swing is the sh..lmao

  • Bioxwookie
    Bioxwookie12 dagar sedan

    Those dude that the motorcycle dealership are fucking cry baby passes i swear I've never seen Full Grown men overreact like that 🤣

  • Jaspertjuuh
    Jaspertjuuh12 dagar sedan

    42:22 for the boys

  • Jarhead R3DN3CK
    Jarhead R3DN3CK13 dagar sedan

    we all know danny coulda rocked that gay dude

  • wa mwo
    wa mwo14 dagar sedan

    we all know we aint killing eachother in the purge we gonna do this

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog14 dagar sedan


  • Greyson Sheaks
    Greyson Sheaks14 dagar sedan

    pov: you are here after he changed the thumbnail

  • Nick Gerr
    Nick Gerr14 dagar sedan

    Why did you change the video picture

  • Greyson Sheaks

    Greyson Sheaks

    14 dagar sedan

    danny and sunhat kid have beef now😂

  • Weirdo Bishop
    Weirdo Bishop15 dagar sedan

    Danny is living my dream life damnn it would take a life time to be able to be able to afford half of the stuff he does

  • *D C*
    *D C*16 dagar sedan

    Dude 10:10 had me cracking upp 😂😂😂😂

  • black ninja
    black ninja16 dagar sedan

    Covid pff🏴

  • Elise Schmidt
    Elise Schmidt17 dagar sedan

    The purring mailman postnatally wash because repair expectably call inside a pink thing. female fertile, medical attraction

  • Andrew Mahadeo
    Andrew Mahadeo18 dagar sedan


  • Astro Mintz
    Astro Mintz18 dagar sedan

    the butler LOL

  • Bro Videos
    Bro Videos18 dagar sedan

    Jake makes me laugh so hard

  • Jonathan Cozzarelli
    Jonathan Cozzarelli19 dagar sedan

    honestly... danny has a solid hut

    NØØDLES _19 dagar sedan

    3:20 lmaooo🤣

  • Nathaniel Rodriguez
    Nathaniel Rodriguez19 dagar sedan

    Can we walk about how perfect that 6969 truck came in @ 20:40?

  • Top Jay
    Top Jay20 dagar sedan

    1:00:54 what Honda dirt bike is that

  • Liam Collins
    Liam Collins20 dagar sedan

    Florida cops are so patient!

  • Clinton Meineke
    Clinton Meineke21 dag sedan

    Not subscribed!!

  • B H
    B H22 dagar sedan

    this shit has me laughing so hard my neck hurts

  • Jakob Cormier
    Jakob Cormier22 dagar sedan

    I always love re watching these and I just noticed he said “were gonna drive the pool into the van” 🤣🤣🤣