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Crate Challenge with Danny Duncan!


  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan29 dagar sedan

    Sorry had to fix something. Love you guys ❤️

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    Julian Nitsch

    3 dagar sedan


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    RedNeck Life

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    Come to Arkansas bro

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    @yourmom fat q2😈👿👮🏻‍♀️👮👳‍♀️👩‍🦳🧑‍🎤🪰🪱🐛🪲🦗icuoyfddyuy

  • Jack Searle

    Jack Searle

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    If Danny Duncan replies to this I will be the happiest person in the world

  • Adam Peterson

    Adam Peterson

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    Dude has way to many friends under 18 kind if creepy...

  • Alec Sheehan
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  • John Venegas
    John Venegas3 timmar sedan

    My grandpa just died in Mexico and rewatching your videos really help thank you brother 🙏🏼

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    Chris Uzumaki5 timmar sedan

    I’m donating to keywons little people support program

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    What's that dababy song in the outro?

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    Yo my friend just saw you in oregon

  • Zephyr Gaming
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    bro the game is chill as fuck

  • Zephyr Gaming
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    wait danny knows the game no fucking way

  • Robbie Ryan
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    12:40 go over there with that shit

  • Kobi Rogerson
    Kobi Rogerson2 dagar sedan

    kewan has a lisp

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    Sizest Hawaiians

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    your only a badass if you subscribe to danny

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    When are you coming to Australia 🇦🇺 ? Haha

  • Billy Rowe
    Billy Rowe3 dagar sedan

    "He brings people together in a way that I haven't seen." 1:01

  • Drew Byam
    Drew Byam4 dagar sedan

    So they couldn’t hook him up with someone else and they just pull him with their weight?

  • Italo YT
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    He knows he Carrie’s youtube

  • Hermit crab 2.0
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    The next David dobrik

  • Jace Albinana
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    Bro i want to go to hawai so badddd

  • Best Gamer
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    at 2:42 rosso looks like beetlejuice (no hate)

  • SwishBash
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    danny do u go to williamsport

  • Jake Deel
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    Danny Duncan more like daddy Duncan bro this guy is hot

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    Wish Danny would come to Louisiana

  • Aprohs
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    Even created the peace sign

  • 6 dagar sedan

    Louisiana is always left out lmao

  • james heffley
    james heffley6 dagar sedan

    Is no one talking about that male security guard in a dress/long skirt

    KAMDENREYNOLDS7 dagar sedan

    Patty Mayo had a fugitive that was wearing your merch

  • Emma Oneill
    Emma Oneill7 dagar sedan

    Danny’s crazy, love him more than anything

  • Gustabo Ugarte
    Gustabo Ugarte7 dagar sedan

    No Houston

  • Bert Medina
    Bert Medina7 dagar sedan

    he did the Z with his hand and all I can think was Zoltan from ''Dude wheres my car" lol

  • George
    George7 dagar sedan

    security guards shouldn't be wearing skirts, regardless of their gender or orientation

  • Koal Townend
    Koal Townend7 dagar sedan

    Its funny how no one even mentions the game or didn't even put it in the title Danny legend ..

  • MG Swagtown5thou
    MG Swagtown5thou7 dagar sedan

    Bruh I started dying at the winston Churchill thing cause I had to study him in hs and he said 1808 when he wasn't even born until 1874 lol

  • Cash Nienaber
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    His daddy own fucking everything

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    Come to idahoooooo😫😤😭

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    They sale fast

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    Yo you prolly wont see this Danny. But you should for real make a movie on Netflix about your life

  • Aaron brock
    Aaron brock8 dagar sedan

    upset that you didnt play the best part in that song "IT STARTED WITH THA WISPER"

  • Jose Martinez
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    Who is that guy given money

  • my_skate_ Journey
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    Little lives matter

  • Misrupt
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    IT STARTED WITH WHISPERSSS! there youre welcome since this video cucked us all

  • Westyn Cirillo
    Westyn Cirillo10 dagar sedan

    Back in 2019 or 2018 my brother stole your guitar that u smashed on your head lol

  • kalin dunphy
    kalin dunphy10 dagar sedan

    dude i swear to fuck if u dont come to canada imma be PISSED

  • Tanner Nanners
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    When having a bad day... Watch Danny videos to make you feel alive

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    Imagine not coming to Toronto😭

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    Sledding in Florida

  • cole richardson
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    Rosco looks like a full grown beetle juice

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    Hey guys. Killin it as always. Question bro. Im about to be kicked out of my housing if i dont come up with 3k in 2 weeks. Anything i can do to help with content to maby earn some bread. Here in CALIFORNIA!!

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    12:40 Yoo what’s up with bro tho 😭😭😭😭😂

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    13:28 he got a message from Danny off of what app ?

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    #justice for the little people

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    Are you my dad

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    Omg omg your going to Sacramento let’s goooo I’m going!!

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    Kewon is such a good man all jokes aside

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    12:40 was the funniest part 🪑

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    Was up

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    12:38, Funniest part 🤣🤣

  • Bryson B
    Bryson B12 dagar sedan

    What app was that? That dude said he got your text and you said “oh that shit works? I love that app” what is it? I’m tryna sign up for tht shit 😢

  • Berm Blasterz
    Berm Blasterz12 dagar sedan

    He could literally tell everyone to say take over the government and we probably would

  • Zeru
    Zeru12 dagar sedan

    Age-restriced? I ain't givin SEblacks my ID, sorry Danny.

  • Stephanie O'Brien
    Stephanie O'Brien12 dagar sedan

    i love u

  • victoria castro
    victoria castro13 dagar sedan

    you 5he best boy

  • Brenden Farrell
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    I’m mad that SEblacks was hiding this video from me

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    Miles Waters13 dagar sedan

    Rosco getting the water out his face 😂

  • Raul Lopez
    Raul Lopez13 dagar sedan

    @12:40 "hey, hey, hey go over there with that shit" had me dyingg 😂😂

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    Kewon is the GOAT

  • Kyle Kulikowski
    Kyle Kulikowski13 dagar sedan

    Ofc the shows in my state are 16+

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    🤣🤣 most funny video I seen

  • swagasaures
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    “Ok ok das heavy”

  • Alex Imbach
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    Discrimination to little people

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    13:50 Dannys legit

  • Showtime
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    "WORLD TOUR' only touring america... lol

    BORN IN SALT13 dagar sedan

    Bro with the orange shirt and ripped skinny jeans so confused lol

  • Jim Wolfe
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    Yo who wrote the caption at 9:40

  • mossywoods
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    𝙴𝙶𝙾 𝑫𝑬𝑨𝑻𝑯14 dagar sedan

    Back in de baninhnging

  • Sam Le B
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    World tour (exclusively US)

  • xGBx Zylo
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    6:28 wtf he wearing smh

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  • shaunNOTsus
    shaunNOTsus14 dagar sedan

    Definition of Florida and SEblacks 2021 👍

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    You should have got a number 69 helmet for the zpine

  • Jack Searle
    Jack Searle14 dagar sedan

    If Danny Duncan replies to this I will be the most happiest person in the world

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    I don't see the attraction . 3 million views for some quit people to zip line?

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    Destin hear I come

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    how is danny just naturally good at everything

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  • Grayson Arthur
    Grayson Arthur15 dagar sedan

    This kinda give me look mother I can fly vibes from Travis Scott tbh at the beginning 0:00-1:20

  • Ayeyeyeye Yeyeye
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    man I fucking love roscoe

  • shaunNOTsus


    14 dagar sedan

    same bro!

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    sb. jaason15 dagar sedan

    Where do we get the tickets at?

  • rigo rivera
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    The foo with the 1000 didn’t make it out the park with the money

  • Juan Diaz
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    Hi I'm Juan Diaz

  • Cold Ramen
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    "Ah back in the beninging..." 💀💀

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    Song at the end

  • Dark ghost
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    I like how the intro to the vid is like a movie trailer 😂 💀 👍🏽

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    I fucking love kewon

  • D
    D15 dagar sedan

    The bike mall cop wearing a skirt?

  • D


    15 dagar sedan

    Ah it’s a whole different vibe when a native is wearing it-poor lanky dude😂😂