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Best Day Ever!


  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan6 månader sedan

    Mystery box available at

  • Daylyn Sessler

    Daylyn Sessler

    2 månader sedan

    Is that travis pastrana in there

  • Ruben Luna

    Ruben Luna

    2 månader sedan

    My name is Ruben I'm from San Antonio Texas I'm 28 years old I'm a single father me and my kids and my family love your videos

  • Tyler A

    Tyler A

    3 månader sedan

    Fuck man . Great video

  • Imnotcannon


    4 månader sedan


  • What the Hope?

    What the Hope?

    4 månader sedan

    LIES. Your favorite SEblacksr growing up was Unforgivable 🤣

  • OnlyAAaron
    OnlyAAaron4 dagar sedan

    Respect for Danny for putting juice WRLD

  • Hannah D
    Hannah D5 dagar sedan

    PLEASE go visit or invite this family to be in more videos!!!!

  • fake boi
    fake boi5 dagar sedan

    Thank God I didnt watch all Danny Duncan old vids bc I so pissed off rn and this shit making me laugh 😂

  • Mad Son
    Mad Son9 dagar sedan

    Gary Winthrope for president...

  • Mad Son
    Mad Son9 dagar sedan

    i love how people love you so much even older people like me.your doing what we all are to afraid to rock.......

  • Ry an
    Ry an11 dagar sedan

    this is unwatchable

  • Mary Araiza
    Mary Araiza12 dagar sedan

    The kids reaction when he saw you😩😭

  • Ronnie Alex Truck
    Ronnie Alex Truck23 dagar sedan

    fing amazing bro

  • Jorianny Estrella
    Jorianny Estrella23 dagar sedan

    Lil bro was bout to have a heart attack 💀

  • jdh23h
    jdh23hMånad sedan

    You Sir. Are a breath of fresh air! U are the Man !! U made those people so happy!!

  • Skyte
    SkyteMånad sedan

    One day Ill be buying my own merch for other people too

  • Given Dube
    Given DubeMånad sedan

    I've never smiled so much watching a SEblacks video.

  • b r u h
    b r u hMånad sedan

    13:47 papa Jim “WOW”

  • Jack Tupp
    Jack TuppMånad sedan

    Kewon was on a step stool

  • TheKid WhoGrows
    TheKid WhoGrowsMånad sedan

    Next time make him eat the oreas then fill the milk carton with orange juice

  • N Rico
    N RicoMånad sedan

    @2:55 best part, long live Mac Miller

  • Frank Jacobs
    Frank JacobsMånad sedan

    He sold the Tesla and bought a wrx lol

  • Magic Ace
    Magic AceMånad sedan

    That's My Friend Daman 😂

  • Uh swirv
    Uh swirvMånad sedan

    Dam i didnt know bam margera lived in del mar rhats cool

  • Rj Thompson
    Rj ThompsonMånad sedan

    the 993 people that didnt like his videos are trash

  • Angel Rodrigez
    Angel RodrigezMånad sedan

    Lmao he already sold or traded it for a Subaru wrx

  • Carlos Mario Soto Marrufo
    Carlos Mario Soto MarrufoMånad sedan

    This video was lit!

  • thebrax2000
    thebrax20002 månader sedan

    7:25 "you got games on yo phone?"

  • Ma Name Is Jeff
    Ma Name Is Jeff2 månader sedan

    "dude are they all age restricted?" "You got games on yo phone? ⊙_⊙"

  • Jayden Valenzuela
    Jayden Valenzuela2 månader sedan

    What a fucking legend man🤙🏽.

  • Tyler Perkins
    Tyler Perkins2 månader sedan

    As soon as the go cart guy said “no bumping” I knew Danny didn’t care and thought of Danny saying “my dad owns this place”

  • lilstump55
    lilstump552 månader sedan

    Did you know that you can go to heaven for free? This one decision can change your eternity forever. Jesus died for both mine and your sins. All you have to to is confess that you’re a sinner and accept Jesus as your savior. 👍🏽

  • Trippit


    Månad sedan

    jesus aint real hate to break it to you lilstumpy

  • Daylyn Sessler
    Daylyn Sessler2 månader sedan

    Is that pastrana ?

  • Benjamin Maker
    Benjamin Maker2 månader sedan

    The kid in the hallway was terrified until he realized who it was.😂🤣

  • Bike Life
    Bike Life2 månader sedan

    Amazing. I hope they sold it though lol.

  • alex
    alex2 månader sedan

    Ive never seen an entire family even the grandma be happy for danny

    KILLA2 månader sedan

    he buys his own merch but the money goes back to him and he also keeps the merch .....STONKS📈

  • Jeff Laflamme
    Jeff Laflamme2 månader sedan

    I don't understand the age restriction on the t.v. have it turned off and still can't watch a lot of your videos. Pisses me off so much

  • Bettas 808
    Bettas 8082 månader sedan

    Lmao Duncan u give Tesla’s away I just need a new Honda 😂

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez2 månader sedan


  • E Tastey
    E Tastey2 månader sedan

    Did you guys make the “ Danny sound “ or just download it from somewhere? Lol you know the “ dunnn dun dun dun dunnnnnn dun dun dun duunnnn Bum bum bum

  • Eugee and Tali
    Eugee and Tali2 månader sedan

    Thankyou 🙃 Rest easy on to next life mac

  • Eugee and Tali
    Eugee and Tali2 månader sedan

    😂😂 friggin love yall 🙃

  • RileyLambert69
    RileyLambert692 månader sedan

    I tave away my besla

    GIOWRLD3BOSS2 månader sedan

    This was badass 👏🏽

  • Low Siento
    Low Siento2 månader sedan

    You get a Honda , you get a tesla , I want a truck

  • Zachariah Perez
    Zachariah Perez2 månader sedan

    I love you Danny 2021

  • Alex Barrera
    Alex Barrera2 månader sedan

    how are they gonna charge it?

  • 2 månader sedan

    his family saved his video wit the reaction

  • James Reynolds
    James Reynolds2 månader sedan

    You are a fucking awesome person

  • _lax_is_the_best_
    _lax_is_the_best_2 månader sedan

    I’m too broke to bye merch😭

  • Bolt Boy
    Bolt Boy2 månader sedan

    This honestly one of my faves love this family❤️❤️

  • RK
    RK2 månader sedan

    I know no one reads this shit..... so I'm not about to tell my sob story but I've had some very dark times, my life hasn't been roses... When I was at my worst this was the only thing I could watch literally the only thing that could take my mind off what I was dealing with, only thing that wouldn't make me feel worse.. Just keep doing what you're doing Danny you do a lot more then u think. Funny, touching or serious these videos help a lot of people brother keep doing it!

  • Nanderson 13
    Nanderson 132 månader sedan

    13:37-13:48, papa jims face ifykyk

  • imableachaholic
    imableachaholic2 månader sedan

    3:07 looks like the black kid scared one class meme

    MALIK HUNTER3 månader sedan

    You got games on your phone

  • Cookie gang
    Cookie gang3 månader sedan

    Danny is better the David Dobrik

  • Hatfield Gaming
    Hatfield Gaming3 månader sedan

    playing that houston rap

  • alonsORamireZ
    alonsORamireZ3 månader sedan

    Danny is such a good person

  • Zac Attac
    Zac Attac3 månader sedan

    How has only 15 mini passed

  • Surv1d
    Surv1d3 månader sedan

    "I don't wanna pat my own back but..." Josh: *pats it for him*

  • HumboldtFaux _
    HumboldtFaux _3 månader sedan

    I see a lotta fake shit, but you can't fake a kid almost having a heart attack from seeing Danny Duncan

  • John Paul
    John Paul3 månader sedan

    Bam Margera wearing a Burzum shirt is the best part of this video

  • Life In The Fast Lane
    Life In The Fast Lane3 månader sedan

    6:39 Love that Richard has an Infant Annihilator shirt on \m/

  • Reca decks
    Reca decks3 månader sedan

    Danny is like a hybrid of vlog creatios and David dobric

  • Hillary Santiago
    Hillary Santiago3 månader sedan

    2:30 LMAO BRO WTF

  • -
    -3 månader sedan

    only og's will remember that this vid was named i tave away my gesla!

  • human
    human3 månader sedan

    Danny you're awesome homie

  • Paul Montes
    Paul Montes3 månader sedan

    Your the craziest funniest best SEblacksr

    HMR RACKS3 månader sedan

    Tesla gone

  • MaggotMontage
    MaggotMontage3 månader sedan

    Well done sir

  • Euro Shane
    Euro Shane3 månader sedan

    Dude fuck yea! That Family winning the Tesla was the coolest shit Ive ever seen on youtube!! Goodshit Danny

  • Xochitl Tavakoli
    Xochitl Tavakoli3 månader sedan

    New snot “midget snot”

  • dan spliff
    dan spliff3 månader sedan

    What a legend

  • ziggy 2311
    ziggy 23113 månader sedan

    Love their reactions!! Much love

  • Juggernaut
    Juggernaut3 månader sedan

    1:33 wtf wtf wtf wtf I really missed the chance to meet Danny Duncan fuck my life

  • Albert Dadoun.
    Albert Dadoun.3 månader sedan

    should have gave him orange juice after those oreos

  • kingskillz III
    kingskillz III3 månader sedan

    This was literally right around the corner from my grandparents house😭😭

  • Wertys
    Wertys3 månader sedan

    this video was unexpectedly wholesome

    MIRLZY3 månader sedan

    5:02 spitting facts

  • Jake Whitaker
    Jake Whitaker3 månader sedan

    I use to live on that street

  • Josh Skillicorn
    Josh Skillicorn3 månader sedan

    the fact that u buy the merch and give it away while maintaining the profit is awesome

  • Aaron Chicago
    Aaron Chicago3 månader sedan

    I'm addicted to these videos. I got a shirt from you too

  • Ivy Greenwell
    Ivy Greenwell3 månader sedan

    why is danny literally good at everything he does 😭

  • Skyler Nichols
    Skyler Nichols4 månader sedan

    You’re so wholesome bro it’s amazing

    N60LLDARCSIDE4 månader sedan

    Can you cry 😂😂

  • Pvdg3
    Pvdg34 månader sedan

    little kid said, "put a midget one on" LOL!!!!!

  • Mike Dukes
    Mike Dukes4 månader sedan


  • Javk Ftb
    Javk Ftb4 månader sedan

    Guy said play trippie red like whatt

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover4 månader sedan

    I love how the whole family knows who Danny is even grandma. It’s like they watch Danny during dinner haha awesome

  • Aaron Mcrannolds
    Aaron Mcrannolds4 månader sedan

    i will do anything for 48 hour for a tesla

  • Cee ThaTruth
    Cee ThaTruth4 månader sedan

    its refreshing to see someone win who truly appreciated and needed it

  • Caden Verbeek

    Caden Verbeek

    Månad sedan

    unlike that kid w the honda fit😭 that shit was dumb ash

  • lil earbud

    lil earbud

    3 månader sedan

    @Bloop Med and my daddy is danny soooo

  • Bloop Med

    Bloop Med

    3 månader sedan

    Aye the kid that won that Tesla thats my homie

  • Infuriated Gamer
    Infuriated Gamer4 månader sedan

    what happened to papa jim?

  • Kevin Ramirez
    Kevin Ramirez4 månader sedan

    Danny come to mexico tijuana!

  • Jason Oseguera
    Jason Oseguera4 månader sedan

    you're truly amazing danny!

  • cadendurann
    cadendurann4 månader sedan

    bro that gotta be my cousin or some shit

  • luwen hu
    luwen hu4 månader sedan

    The dashing leopard cephalometrically boil because quart phongsaly squash versus a uptight care. clever, cagey polish

    MR GLASS4 månader sedan

    I wish i can have my 2000 Ford Expedition again i got into a accident and rolled it 3 times

  • AlfieEdits
    AlfieEdits4 månader sedan

    this is so wholesome, how the fuck have i never watched this guy. amazing, so down to earth.

  • 4 månader sedan

    3:08 dude had a fucking heart attack

  • Stocktankguy 86
    Stocktankguy 864 månader sedan

    I think the 16yr old should get the car bc he did kinda win it

  • Henry Siler
    Henry Siler4 månader sedan

    Danny in San Diego?!?

  • Tyler Haskell
    Tyler Haskell4 månader sedan

    Richard is wearing and Infant Annihilator shirt. Richard is the shizz.

  • Simo Hauck
    Simo Hauck4 månader sedan

    He came to a birthday party and gave them a Tesla 😂😂😂😂 I love Danny