Airbag off Bridge Launch!

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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    Danny Duncan5 månader sedan

    Merch restocked at

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    Finn Schoebel

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    Yo want to hit me up with that merchandise I’ll send you the money in cash in the mail

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    Matt Stone

    5 månader sedan

    3 more replies till 169!!!

  • C J

    C J

    5 månader sedan

    I watched 1 of your videos for the first time n got hooked 😂 if you dont have a security gaurd n are looking for someone im for hire. I have my gun license n will protect you bro please stay safe out there Danny we need you to keep dropping these banger videos 💪

  • Keesekeese


    5 månader sedan

    Danny please let me smoke with my brother rosco

  • Manz Walter

    Manz Walter

    5 månader sedan

    Danny is it in a kid small or adult small

  • Cohlton LaCoste
    Cohlton LaCoste2 timmar sedan

    ita a karen

  • Michael Bronson
    Michael Bronson6 timmar sedan

    Is it just me. Or did bayard look like he aged 10 years in like 2 years?

  • Feliks Kay
    Feliks Kay2 dagar sedan

    CGI enclosed course. Love this guy. Shit looks dope AF , Money well spent. 👍

  • A1
    A14 dagar sedan

    @ 4:53 why she sound like Ms Puff

  • Dove
    Dove4 dagar sedan

    When you realise Danny turns 30 soon.

  • etharoonie
    etharoonie4 dagar sedan

    Funniest video hes ever made

  • a_thesoccerstar 24
    a_thesoccerstar 245 dagar sedan

    The put maneuvers and the Xbox tho

  • Preston Hermansen
    Preston Hermansen5 dagar sedan

    what song was that at 6:40

  • Preston Hermansen
    Preston Hermansen5 dagar sedan

    6:40 what song is that i’ve heard it but can’t remember

  • Dnr Productions
    Dnr Productions5 dagar sedan

    When you listen to nba young boy while driving

  • BeRightBack
    BeRightBack6 dagar sedan

    10000th comment

  • ya boii
    ya boii6 dagar sedan

    Kwon looked like a rag doll , I'm glad he's fine, but that was hilarious!!

  • John Wick
    John Wick8 dagar sedan

    How do you get away with all this shit hahahaha

  • Ryantheproninja
    Ryantheproninja9 dagar sedan

    "Hey man pull over" 😂😂 I almost chocked on my own saliva

  • Giffs Gaffs
    Giffs Gaffs10 dagar sedan

    Kwon should get in the ring with Likkleman that would be a top video

  • Joel Tovar
    Joel Tovar10 dagar sedan

    Just wanted to let you know that you the best

  • saximozzR6
    saximozzR612 dagar sedan

    10:50 the fear in the guys eyes on the left is amazing

  • Justin V
    Justin V12 dagar sedan

    you can't trespass on "county" (public) property

  • James
    James14 dagar sedan

    “im in charge of this lake”😂 he pulled an uno reverse card on danny

  • Damien Nelson
    Damien Nelson14 dagar sedan

    if u like this comment u are protecting papa Jim

  • TJM
    TJM14 dagar sedan

    Rumour once said that Danny’s dad owns everything 👑

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  • Yami Duki
    Yami Duki15 dagar sedan

    I thought he was about to hop in that school bus lmaooo

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  • John Mason
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    9998-so close

  • John Mason
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    im trying to be the 10000 comment

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  • John Mason
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    X2 AIR_SOFT BROS16 dagar sedan

    It’s cool that you give no fucks and you make great vids

  • Paparazzi
    Paparazzi17 dagar sedan

    Bro we follow you on my fiancé’s account and watch you all the time. We love your ass. You got all kinds on your channel, but I ain’t never seen gay guys that your friends with. We’re here and huge fans biotch.

  • boogie5 gaming etc.
    boogie5 gaming etc.18 dagar sedan

    I dont do drugs... i just go around smashing shit... its WAY COOLER! ;)

  • UrbeXanda
    UrbeXanda18 dagar sedan

    yo dude its reece, keep up the videos........were doing our own

  • Zuiver-Pyro
    Zuiver-Pyro18 dagar sedan

    Bro this the third time I see a vid wherr something that easly could blind you hit your head. You got to watch out you only have 2 eyes

  • Chico Jorge
    Chico Jorge19 dagar sedan

    I come from the Mr.Beast video.

  • Not yoursYT
    Not yoursYT20 dagar sedan

    The Xbox is indestructible I love you Danny can u hook me up with a hoodie

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    Rogue21 dag sedan

    Secret asian man

  • air macca -_-
    air macca -_-21 dag sedan


  • Jaden Keeter
    Jaden Keeter22 dagar sedan

    where can you buy those airbags

  • Alan Walker
    Alan Walker22 dagar sedan

    Love your shit. Englewood

  • Natalie Alvarado
    Natalie Alvarado23 dagar sedan

    luv uuu

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike23 dagar sedan

    Roscoe is legendary

  • Alex Day
    Alex Day24 dagar sedan

    Only Danny Duncan could play bumper cars with real cars on the main road

  • firefighting7
    firefighting725 dagar sedan

    @10:40 OOF

  • SP3CTR3_317
    SP3CTR3_31725 dagar sedan

    10:39 the way kewon got air 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jackson wagner
    Jackson wagner26 dagar sedan

    is that the same guy who stole from him in the crown victoria if so dannys a trusting man lol

  • Alan Morris
    Alan Morris26 dagar sedan

    I’m a fan

  • Dozzenofff
    Dozzenofff26 dagar sedan

    This man Danny lives in a video game

  • Hari Dhillon
    Hari Dhillon27 dagar sedan

    Best SEblacksr ever

  • Inconspicuous man
    Inconspicuous man28 dagar sedan

    Secret Asian man secret Asian man heal make you a egg roll and yell at 3 am

  • NiightTerrorX
    NiightTerrorX28 dagar sedan

    It's an Xbox, they're indestructible...I think.

  • KnottyEeveez
    KnottyEeveez28 dagar sedan

    Just like the founding fathers intended.

  • Emmett Pellegrino
    Emmett Pellegrino29 dagar sedan

    Wassap Danny

  • Cryptid Nomad
    Cryptid NomadMånad sedan

    Thing won't go ,I'll push ya

  • ReconciLe
    ReconciLeMånad sedan

    New video idea “Danny goes out maneuvering”

  • man boy
    man boyMånad sedan

    The little pigs in the back walking ;)

  • Alpha_T78L1
    Alpha_T78L1Månad sedan

    Man had me creasing when kewan hit the bridge

  • Will Mcleod
    Will McleodMånad sedan

    This is awesome and Danny Duncan got me through so much

  • NuLL & VØiD
    NuLL & VØiDMånad sedan

    @10:40 when Kiwan fell on the bridge, I died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭!!!

  • Ryanator07
    Ryanator07Månad sedan

    11:49 🤣🤣

  • Traph
    TraphMånad sedan

    There just casually playing with there lives

  • Preston Deas
    Preston DeasMånad sedan

    If you dont know who this guy is you are uncultursd

  • Michael Bartlett
    Michael BartlettMånad sedan

    Danny's dad is Jonny Sins

  • kSen FPS
    kSen FPSMånad sedan

    Bro i love Danny. 10:15 ''this is the first and last'' 1 sec after, '' so were back here'' AHAHAHAHA

  • Eric Mathe
    Eric MatheMånad sedan

    Dude, the Englewood cops must love you.

  • Jeppe Albrigtsen
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  • Guwhy
    GuwhyMånad sedan

    yo where can I buy some airbags

  • John Labutte
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  • John Labutte
    John LabutteMånad sedan

    come to canada and change lives Danny Duncan!

  • D1eg0
    D1eg0Månad sedan

    4:54 mrs puff?🤔

  • NuLL & VØiD

    NuLL & VØiD

    Månad sedan

    YEAHHHH!!! FROM SPONGEBOB!!! that woman is totally her 😂😂😂

  • BoBBy DiGiTaL
    BoBBy DiGiTaLMånad sedan

    Omfg it’s private property owned by the county??? it’s the public’s property then right???

  • Bball StreetZ
    Bball StreetZMånad sedan

    Danny really living the best life

  • pres 2timez
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  • Javier Botelo
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  • George
    GeorgeMånad sedan

    fuck they care about so much useless shit in america

  • George
    GeorgeMånad sedan

    i think the old guys dad owned the lake

  • bifo
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  • Keeva Grace
    Keeva GraceMånad sedan

    God bless…

  • Keeva Grace
    Keeva GraceMånad sedan

    God bless..,.

  • Robert Satterwhite Il
    Robert Satterwhite IlMånad sedan

    He carried kewon out like a baby 🤣🤣

  • Rob Jobs
    Rob JobsMånad sedan

    i look at the amount of comments and i see 9969

  • •Froggie_Chan•
    •Froggie_Chan•Månad sedan

    Your content is cool asf I can already tell

  • Andrew Mora
    Andrew MoraMånad sedan

    Rosco is lit man!

  • Michael Myers
    Michael MyersMånad sedan

    Why doesn’t anyone understand what Papa Jim has to say, you don’t drive a boat you con a boat people just don’t understand Lol 😂

  • Michael Myers

    Michael Myers

    Månad sedan

    @NuLL & VØiD imma go watch it

  • Michael Myers

    Michael Myers

    Månad sedan

    @NuLL & VØiD I just now seen that

  • NuLL & VØiD

    NuLL & VØiD

    Månad sedan

    Wasn't expecting the new video Danny just uploaded...

  • Michael Myers

    Michael Myers

    Månad sedan

    @NuLL & VØiD yeah papa Jim is the real GOAT

  • NuLL & VØiD

    NuLL & VØiD

    Månad sedan

    I love Papa Jim, is soul is so happy♡ most people today are so miserable

  • lijah_YT
    lijah_YTMånad sedan

    The way he fell in the water😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • lijah_YT
    lijah_YTMånad sedan

    Playin wit his life

  • Ashley Richer
    Ashley RicherMånad sedan

    U should come to Oklahoma

  • Mr Nye
    Mr NyeMånad sedan

    Them air bags are so legit

  • Abbas M
    Abbas MMånad sedan

    bro really just fucked up someones grill😭😭😭

  • GamingWithWoo
    GamingWithWooMånad sedan

    Danny’s vids are so funny

  • Alex ツ
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  • Darkside_ideal
    Darkside_idealMånad sedan

    At 10:40 I’ve never laughed harder

  • Jayden Randolph
    Jayden RandolphMånad sedan

    I swear when that guy sadly passed away it’s gonna hit everyone hard🥺😔

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  • WEL ON
    WEL ONMånad sedan

    Dudes driving wasting my fav car 😅

  • Grady G
    Grady GMånad sedan

    Brenda looks like a man

  • Cornelius
    CorneliusMånad sedan

    Flying Man baby

  • zachyminajj
    zachyminajjMånad sedan

    i come back to this video every time cause when he says "its an xbox they're industructable, i think" then boom shit blows up thats fucking hilarious

  • cal blank
    cal blankMånad sedan

    danny is the kid i wish i was when i was a kid

  • cal blank
    cal blankMånad sedan

    brenda worst type of karen

  • Garrett Esquivel
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