4th Of July With Danny Duncan!

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan2 månader sedan

    Mystery box now available at www.dannyduncan69.com

  • Richy Rivas

    Richy Rivas

    29 dagar sedan

    How come you don’t use frontier

  • Lars Bee

    Lars Bee

    Månad sedan

    so thats interesting ... he doesnt drink nor smoke and he has morals yet he into guns ... interesting twist...

  • Max Boj

    Max Boj

    Månad sedan

    I was dying when it cut to the news report 😂😂😂😂

  • Brian Gilliam

    Brian Gilliam

    2 månader sedan


  • BCT


    2 månader sedan

    @mila kunis what I say

  • Jose exe
    Jose exe23 timmar sedan

    Kewon always on the phone lmao

  • bread gang
    bread gangDag sedan

    Give me my lunch money back

  • Slushii
    Slushii2 dagar sedan

    I love dunny Dancan

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson3 dagar sedan

    What manner of man is this

  • T Ron
    T Ron6 dagar sedan

    “O no the wheels fell off” then keeps going

  • jason Collins
    jason Collins7 dagar sedan

    They want to sell you the insurance but they don't want you to need it

  • Logan Schevling
    Logan Schevling7 dagar sedan

    the majority of humans are stupid and can’t take criticism, we’re doomed because of that

  • harrison soper
    harrison soper10 dagar sedan

    when they flipped i thought they died

  • TheUnstoppable Man
    TheUnstoppable Man10 dagar sedan

    Danny is really a goat with every vid never missed a vid in like a year

  • 12 dagar sedan

    my friend called your black friend a midget

  • Elite Commando

    Elite Commando

    Dag sedan

    Tell him it’s little person

  • Hayden Moore
    Hayden Moore12 dagar sedan

    I love this guys fuckin vids every single one had made me laugh so far

  • Caleb Benson
    Caleb Benson13 dagar sedan

    My man sponsored himself

  • Super Noodle
    Super Noodle14 dagar sedan

    wait they actually jus return it after driving it like that 😂😂

  • Olivier D
    Olivier D15 dagar sedan

    Et après, on se demande pourquoi on pense que les Américains sont des blaireaux mdr

  • Jeffrey Schwebel
    Jeffrey Schwebel15 dagar sedan

    Do you pay property damage costs for these videos lmao

  • ChocolatePudding Gaming
    ChocolatePudding Gaming16 dagar sedan

    anyone else wonder if small people get drunk faster

  • Mateo Lopez
    Mateo Lopez16 dagar sedan

    why he nervous in the ihop kitchen

  • OLD_ROW 69
    OLD_ROW 6917 dagar sedan

    Thank god Kewan okay that helmet was fucked 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Corban Hemingway
    Corban Hemingway17 dagar sedan

    1:58 Did I just here him say safety!?

  • Dominic Rodriguez
    Dominic Rodriguez18 dagar sedan

    0:23 hear me out ...

  • hdgamer 07
    hdgamer 0718 dagar sedan

    danny is always laughing he is the best

  • 3
    318 dagar sedan

    The full ass news segment about the broken gocars is sending me into oblivion

  • Axal 1066
    Axal 106619 dagar sedan


  • A Legendary Soccer Life
    A Legendary Soccer Life19 dagar sedan

    The humdrum zinc laparoscopically saw because cloudy astonishingly bare unto a foamy dorothy. lopsided, giant reduction

    BORN IN SALT20 dagar sedan

    Safety first - Tony Hawk

  • Salxs
    Salxs20 dagar sedan

    When he said “that boy is having a seizure right there” I thought he was capping

  • Ronnie Mayor
    Ronnie Mayor20 dagar sedan

    I got number 69😂

  • Zaxy %
    Zaxy %21 dag sedan

    Man who snitched on him tho..

  • Jennifer Scarbro
    Jennifer Scarbro21 dag sedan

    So great to put the news footage on the video

  • Kalim D
    Kalim D22 dagar sedan

    Love Dan's vids but really wish he'd stop poking fun at K's height. Aint cool. Easy up dude.

  • ÅSÄ
    ÅSÄ22 dagar sedan

    That’s the same hotel I stayed in for Meps in Atlanta lol

  • Troy Niskanen
    Troy Niskanen22 dagar sedan

    Love u Danny

  • Polovspn
    Polovspn23 dagar sedan


  • Shady Gaming
    Shady Gaming23 dagar sedan

    the bodyguard is like WTF am i supposed to protect you from? yourself?

  • Samuel Carreno-Vega
    Samuel Carreno-Vega23 dagar sedan


  • Raul Garcia
    Raul Garcia23 dagar sedan

    Lol where have I've been at!! catching up now.

  • riley parham shorts 3395
    riley parham shorts 339525 dagar sedan

    Without that helmet he would have been dead

  • ThyUnholySinner
    ThyUnholySinner25 dagar sedan

    When they wrecked and he’s just laughing his ass off I fucking died hahahahahaha

  • Brandon White
    Brandon White25 dagar sedan

    Danny bro fucking love you man . you are an insperation. You are actually a good role model for the youth. Rock on brother rock on.

  • Jeremy Chance
    Jeremy Chance26 dagar sedan

    Andy the Human on youtube 🍄🍄

  • Quik FN
    Quik FN27 dagar sedan

    0:57 that fucking sick

  • xDrifty
    xDrifty27 dagar sedan

    Old people dont Get fun things

  • Gianni Russo
    Gianni Russo27 dagar sedan

    He planned on pressing criminal charges cause Danny was down to pay for everything lmao

  • Cactuscooler26
    Cactuscooler2628 dagar sedan

    9:04 Camera crew: you good Danny Duncan:*laughing his ass off

  • Inconspicuous man
    Inconspicuous man28 dagar sedan

    Oh no da wheels feel off-rosco

  • Socks Five
    Socks Five28 dagar sedan

    Starts playing ford vs ferrari race music as he hops into the 3 wheeler 😂

  • 711 Employee
    711 Employee28 dagar sedan

    “I didn’t sleep last night” 😂

  • Z Dot
    Z Dot28 dagar sedan

    That security guard was puttin in work he definitely should be comin back

  • I Dark
    I Dark28 dagar sedan

    At least he's willing to pay I have to meet Danny this guy is dope

  • Emmah Visagie
    Emmah Visagie29 dagar sedan

    Wow this guy doesnt care about money his putting copyright music for quality content RESPECT!!

  • Fatboy Sanic
    Fatboy SanicMånad sedan

    Dude was in sf and I didn’t meet him

  • ReconciLe
    ReconciLeMånad sedan

    “Jack you’re supposed to protect me”

  • Patty Williams
    Patty WilliamsMånad sedan

    This would cure any depression or anything this has to be one of the funniest vids

  • SP3CTR3_317
    SP3CTR3_317Månad sedan

    8:45 hey man Be careful on those Ik sum one that is paralyzed from one due to the turning being bad sumtimes

  • Chun Ming Ho
    Chun Ming HoMånad sedan

    The extra-large extra-small exuberant trumpet daily fax because hardware seasonally spare pace a handy hallway. fortunate, electric toothpaste

  • Månad sedan

    "I get a broken car" yeah that dannys finna pay for

  • Månad sedan

    Bro the flip killed me

  • Gmoney akaglenn
    Gmoney akaglennMånad sedan

    Florida has the best creators

  • Kenny Consuegra
    Kenny ConsuegraMånad sedan

    That gun is hard

  • Anikan Skywalker
    Anikan SkywalkerMånad sedan

    'oh no the wheels fell off'

  • isaac saucedo
    isaac saucedoMånad sedan

    Eveyone talking about the accident is no one gonna talk about how main sources of covid are bats and ARMADILLOS literally armadillos are one of the most disgusting animals with most unknown viruses and disease

  • Matthew Maestri
    Matthew MaestriMånad sedan

    I’m glad keywon is all good you could’ve took his life

  • Money ManJoe
    Money ManJoeMånad sedan

    Danny’s gonna kill that little black boy now look at the pure terror on his face big ol gash on his helmet lol

  • vKrito
    vKritoMånad sedan

    bro wrecked and laughed immediately lol

  • Gmoney_8 -
    Gmoney_8 -Månad sedan

    I understand where the dude was coming from but it’s not like you weren’t finna pay for it

  • opg
    opgMånad sedan

    bro that bike taxi driver was the same one from the video where danny hitchhiked to his show😭

  • Sean Howard
    Sean HowardMånad sedan

    Can we give some props to the security guard in SF? He was all over it protecting Danny.

  • Chicken man
    Chicken manMånad sedan

    1.10 percent if it's danny duncan also love u brother

  • Braden Robinson
    Braden RobinsonMånad sedan

    Kewon would’ve been kegone if he didn’t have a helmet!

  • Kracula OG
    Kracula OGMånad sedan

    10:02 “I didn’t sleep last night” 🤣 don’t worry daddy will pay for it.

  • scorpion
    scorpionMånad sedan


  • KINGPIN 24
    KINGPIN 24Månad sedan

    Keewan is no joke the most jacked little person 😂 for real though he got a workout channel?

  • Ryder Collins
    Ryder CollinsMånad sedan

    He was so scared he couldn't sleep because Danny wrecked his yellow buggy like wtf 🤣

  • Westra Pinzet
    Westra PinzetMånad sedan

    You are to funny 😂

  • Sam Boi
    Sam BoiMånad sedan


  • Aussiemma 8
    Aussiemma 8Månad sedan

    Danny’s a cool guy but damn he can be reckless with other people’s lives at times

  • Andrew Christian
    Andrew ChristianMånad sedan

    “So that’s the lion of the sea.” 😂

  • Alex Cuffe
    Alex CuffeMånad sedan

    Naw hell naw 🤪😂🤭😭

  • Cali
    CaliMånad sedan

    Just bought merch and my mom threw it away lmfao

  • Månad sedan


  • Reme Mure
    Reme MureMånad sedan

    Has romantic relationship with friends makes meaugh

  • Stephan M.
    Stephan M.Månad sedan

    That was the funniest thing ever when you flipped. Kinda messed if you didn’t pay but so funny.

  • Adin Clips
    Adin ClipsMånad sedan

    I couldn’t control my laugh when he flipped the car and I feel bad for laughing

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin SmithMånad sedan

    Bro I don't understand why they're so mad about the car being broken like he pays for it so u get a brand new one who gives a fvck and in the 2018 vid they said do whatever u want even break but if u break it u have to pay for it they are straight up dumba$$es

  • EZ LL
    EZ LLMånad sedan

    I started crying of laughing so hard when the little car

  • Graham Cerwin
    Graham CerwinMånad sedan

    (Alexa studio vaccinated. ) Try to get an Alexa or another AI device (Tesla etc.) to get vaccinated.

  • Lonely
    LonelyMånad sedan

    I wish u were my dad.

  • Fl1pylee
    Fl1pyleeMånad sedan

    Bruh you're literally the new steve-o. Keep up the great work man! ✌

  • Kyzer Brazzel
    Kyzer BrazzelMånad sedan

    does anyone know the song to when he walks up to that white car and high fives him or whatever and it is bumping it’s around 5:45

  • Dj-ThundeROman
    Dj-ThundeROmanMånad sedan

    Whats the track name on 1:01

  • Ryan David
    Ryan DavidMånad sedan

    I just saw people in sf in the one you crashed 😂

  • Drew Schenk
    Drew SchenkMånad sedan

    “Dude the tire”.. flips 😭😭😭😭😭

  • innocence
    innocenceMånad sedan

    what were the songs that were in this video they are fire

  • Juan De La Torre
    Juan De La TorreMånad sedan

    how the fuck does he get away with all this lmaoo

  • Jean Eikenberg
    Jean EikenbergMånad sedan

    Danny I like ke collet version o f whistlin

  • God
    GodMånad sedan

    The end was so funny

  • Lovely
    LovelyMånad sedan

    Congrats at 6 mil

  • Jose Navarro
    Jose NavarroMånad sedan

    At 11:59 it looks like those family commercials lol

  • B3games
    B3gamesMånad sedan