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Danny Duncan

Hi, I'm Danny Duncan.. I post videos that make me laugh. Hope you enjoy.. Love you guys!

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Should I Buy This?

Should I Buy This?

Karen Bullied Me!

Karen Bullied Me!

pretty good video!

pretty good video!

My Best Idea Yet!

My Best Idea Yet!

I Drove a Tank!

I Drove a Tank!

Daddy likes to go fast!

Daddy likes to go fast!

You Can’t Catch Us!

You Can’t Catch Us!

Best Day Ever!

Best Day Ever!

I got a tattoo!

I got a tattoo!

Soap ice cream prank!

Soap ice cream prank!

Mask Enforcement Prank!

Mask Enforcement Prank!


  • tyler S
    tyler S20 timmar sedan

    I’m the risk manager if this party. Lmao can I talk to hr or a supervisor?

  • xany
    xany21 timme sedan

    Papa jim: im not in the best shape in the morning Danny: its like 1:00

  • eamon lyons
    eamon lyons21 timme sedan

    What's that dababy song in the outro?

  • corbe tt
    corbe tt21 timme sedan


  • Izzy Duval
    Izzy Duval22 timmar sedan

    dude, why are you rude to people on hotels??

  • A L
    A L22 timmar sedan

    My favorite ytuber atm

  • Kasey Inkell
    Kasey Inkell22 timmar sedan


  • alaskaintheflesh
    alaskaintheflesh23 timmar sedan

    i love you danny lisas kid signing off

  • Travis Adams
    Travis Adams23 timmar sedan

    "Want me to drive like an idiot" lmao died hearing that as a threat 🤣

  • Matthew Morgan
    Matthew MorganDag sedan

    Pittsburgh all the way

    MLB LIFE💯Dag sedan

    Bro that Alpaca montage got me dying 3:51

  • Michael Cestone
    Michael CestoneDag sedan

    she totally apologized just so she didnt screw herself over bc dannys fans are ruthless

  • Jose exe
    Jose exeDag sedan

    Kewon always on the phone lmao

  • Austin’s
    Austin’sDag sedan

    “ArE yOu DaNnY dUnCaN” 😂

  • Chayse Rusin
    Chayse RusinDag sedan

    The day papa Jim dies imma cry so hard

  • Dylan Silva
    Dylan SilvaDag sedan

    Danny’s Cream Pies should come to Oahu

  • D R
    D RDag sedan


  • Chayse Rusin
    Chayse RusinDag sedan

    Duncan Danny killed me

  • Arah arah Onichann
    Arah arah OnichannDag sedan

    When he said “u always want what u cant have in life” at 1:50 I felt that

  • Deathwish
    DeathwishDag sedan

    Its so funny that arron will argue that he doesn't want to and will not do something as he does it

  • Tristyn Bullick
    Tristyn BullickDag sedan


  • Veister
    VeisterDag sedan

    pre-covid…good times👍

  • Cadence Robertson
    Cadence RobertsonDag sedan

    Bro we need one in Houston Texas.

  • Ryan2021
    Ryan2021Dag sedan

    2:08 when u listen to youngboy for a day 🤣😂🤣😂

  • bofa deeznutz
    bofa deeznutzDag sedan

    R.I.P this man

  • adam ky
    adam kyDag sedan

    What a sweet woman

  • Brandon D
    Brandon DDag sedan

    Buddy was too concentrated on the game to give you that high five

  • Lupe Lu
    Lupe LuDag sedan

    Yo my friend just saw you in oregon

  • caleb medeiros
    caleb medeirosDag sedan

    U remember my dad he asked u for a pic by ur self to send to his son at a cross country meet that was my dad .btw ur my favorite person

  • Bobby Bense
    Bobby BenseDag sedan

    Can you come to pa pls Doylestown pls

  • andrew buckner
    andrew bucknerDag sedan

    I’m in love with that older couple in the store that were concerned

  • Jack Krauser
    Jack KrauserDag sedan

    So do we live in a free country or no? Getting tickets for "disturbing the peace"... Free country.... Free country...

  • Cruzfgeetvfan Plays
    Cruzfgeetvfan PlaysDag sedan

    What is Aaron wearing

  • D2 Filming
    D2 FilmingDag sedan

    if you’re watching this in 2021, ur a legend

  • Josh Moreno
    Josh MorenoDag sedan

    Were u just in central point oregon im from grqnts pass and my son watches all your videos stay up 🤙🏽

  • Sverre Nygård
    Sverre NygårdDag sedan

    POV: you dissliked this video🤡🤡

  • Selever
    SeleverDag sedan


  • Untamed Assassins Airsoft
    Untamed Assassins AirsoftDag sedan

    Never seen him cry but holy shit

  • Xisco_18
    Xisco_18Dag sedan

    4:39 when u gobble at the turkeys and they gobble back

  • Craig Macrae
    Craig MacraeDag sedan

    Why was your virginity rocks van with you when you were riding the dirt bikes? I thought you were hitchhiking?

  • Marlon Bonilla
    Marlon BonillaDag sedan

    Where’s the donkey tour vid

    JILL HOMEYERDag sedan

    Yes you should by it

  • Kaden Berger
    Kaden BergerDag sedan

    danny you where in my town Medford and the family fun center

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    Osvaldo MendezDag sedan

    4:25 holy shit🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Ultimate GoldDag sedan

    fight likkleman

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    ieatassDag sedan

    best content

  • Максим Константино в
    Максим Константино вDag sedan

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  • Mr. Good Vibes
    Mr. Good VibesDag sedan

    Well it looks like you have to blow that large Coca-Cola can up in Papa Jim’s yard

  • Cody Haynes
    Cody HaynesDag sedan


  • Luckyy_sq
    Luckyy_sqDag sedan

    I hope yo bout that guy a new phone

  • NoUh
    NoUhDag sedan

    Free roscoe

  • gaming6000 PE
    gaming6000 PEDag sedan

    Danny Duncan would be the popular kid at school that is cool with literally everyone

  • Daniil Oxyuk
    Daniil OxyukDag sedan

    This was the peak of Danny’s skateboarding career

  • Daniil Oxyuk
    Daniil OxyukDag sedan

    He has a daughter?

  • Daniil Oxyuk
    Daniil OxyukDag sedan

    4:18 “HEY… hey… holy shit” 🤭

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anmlDag sedan

    “That’s Coca Cola! Well that’s alright” savor papa Jim guys💜💜

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben AndersonDag sedan

    Master editing

  • Kxi_mason
    Kxi_masonDag sedan

    You shaved my friends head in Santa Cruze

  • Jordan Pulido
    Jordan PulidoDag sedan

    Bro never has mowed a lawn in his life

  • OysterSales
    OysterSalesDag sedan

    1:16:55 best video

  • Sus guy
    Sus guyDag sedan

    Danny try to take chi wan to school and see what happens like a real school😂

  • Philip Ingram
    Philip IngramDag sedan

    I am dumber for watching this. What an idiot.

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anmlDag sedan

    i was eat 🤢

  • Kidd g fan 72
    Kidd g fan 72Dag sedan

    @dax yocham

  • benjamin mcalpine
    benjamin mcalpineDag sedan

    This is the funniest episdoe

  • Lisa Berry
    Lisa BerryDag sedan

    You are Awesome Steve will do it😚When I win the Arizona lottery or power ball or some kind of big money I think it would be fun to jump on the city bus and hand out $$ to everyone riding the bus including the bus driver. Keep doing what you do because you are amazing! Come visit us here in Phoenix AZ.

  • Havishan Sivanithy 2
    Havishan Sivanithy 2Dag sedan

    the best thing i bought was comdums man

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    Jackson ScalaDag sedan

    why are these guys such pussys ive slept in my barn that’s rat infested multiple times

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    You can roll this thing of a cliff and wont die Danny: taking notes